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The G’morning Shot for May 28, 2012

Here we have Mr. Canadian Goose finishing off his perfect performance with a pirouette. “Dancing with Water Fowl” is sure to be a hit show here in it’s first season. For all viewers, do not forget to enter your recipe for the perfect sauce which will compliment the rich taste of water fowl. The winner will receive two front row tickets to view the final show where the winner of “Dancing with Water Fowl” is finally chosen. A few hours after the end of the final show, the winning sauce recipe will be served alongside the winning bird.

Click on image to view in full size

Photo credit:  Ronn Murray


  1. That water does look kinda foul… Kidding! 🙂

    Hey, be careful with those things, Michelle – they may look impressive, but they can be meaner than a blind rattlesnake and just as likely to strike if you get too close. I got a great shot of one years ago – just before it almost flew hissing into my face and tried to bite my eyes out!

    I strongly reccomend a telephoto or zoom lense. Lol

    • I lived in an apt building in Indianapolis that had a large pond in the center of the complex. The guy I was dating who eventually became my husband (big mistake) lived in a waterfront apt. Everyone thinks that’d be great to live in one of those… until you have to deal with the geese that come through. With our proximity to Lake Michigan, and a large river and several reservoirs in and around Indy, the Canadian geese just loved to visit the city as they’d fly through. Dirty destructive creatures when they stop at man made landscaping ponds and lakes. Shit all over the place and would eat the grass down to a nub. I love them in the wild, but hated when they came through the city.

      • I know exactly what you mean. My wife and I were in San Francisco a while back in the Marina district on a beautiful day, when we saw this large expanse of invitingly green park – but we thought that it was strange that with people all around, no one was in the park. So we walked over, and then we saw hundreds of reasons why no one was in the park… Piles of goose shit everywhere!

        They are beautiful birds, but yeah, it would be nice if they stayed in the wild.

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