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The Parting Shot for May 27, 2012

A bookstore owner who believes that the
value of a book is between the front and back covers –
not the numbers after the “$” on the front or back cover.

Photo credit and location:  Unknown


    • Yes it is. In my younger days I always wanted to run an outfitters shop. And it was the kind where the front door is open, my dogs hang out, people come to relax either on the porch in nice weather, or by a big roaring fire in cold weather.

  1. Ah that’s my kinda person. Books are truly a gift indeed. Food for the mind and spirit. This bookstore owner is doing their bit for the spiritually hungry 🙂

  2. WOW! Great store! Good thing I don’t live nearby. Can’t afford the prices of new books, thought e-books would be cheaper, not true. I’d empty his/her store! 🙂

    • I haven’t tried e-books, Kindle or any of the like yet. There’s just something about laying in bed or in a comfy chair or sofa with the feel of paper in my hands…. No replacement in my opinion. But that’s me. I know many a reader who LOVE their Kindle. And honestly, they’re better for the trees, so I have some guilt with this one. But I do try to buy used when I can for that reason. LOL… and used is cheaper anyway. The story is still the same whether or not the book has been previously handled and read or not.

      • I do love my Kindle! I DO have a hard time with it occassionally, not the same as a book, but I do like it! Yep, I always bought used books, very rarely new, could never afford them. Sheesh, paperbacks now cost what hardbacks did years ago. 😦

        • LOL… you’re not kidding on the price of books. I almost always order books through Amazon now. Love it! So much cheaper than the book stores. Plus I love having stuff delivered to me. I’m not a “shopper.” I only go out shopping when I have to. So I do most of my shopping via internet – well, depending upon what it is. Not clothes, though. I’m a thrift store baby. Love them! I search for good stuff, the name brands I prefer like North Face, Columbia… and only buy certain labels. And at a huge fraction of retail price. A lot of the time I find stuff with the original store tag still on it. I love it when that happens.

        • I hate shopping too! I have ordered books thru Amazon for 1 buck. Pretty cheap! I did think that with the advent of e-books the prices would go down, not like they have to reprint them over and over. Upload ONCE and done. Easy street. Well, unless they want to upload to more than one place. You know what I mean. Should be cheaper.

  3. I’ve watched Barnes & Noble and Borders drive little Mom & Pop bookstores out of business, and in turn, the Internet is killing off the big brick-and-mortars. Such a loss, those little stores. There’s something special about a cozy little book store that I fear my grandkids won’t even remember.

    • Oh, I much prefer mom and pop book stores. If I’m not ordering from Amazon, there’s a couple local used book stores that I favor. I adore the smell when I walk in. Then to sit in typically old, overstuffed chairs that are slightly musty… LOVE it!

  4. Oh Yay for those that read and know others have that need. How very kind and generous of that owner… Again Thank you Michelle…

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