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Dog Escape ala Rock Climbing Style

This is an incredible escape! I truly am amazed at how this girl figured this out. She stems her body between a tree and the chain-linked fence and works her way up to a ledge… and pulls the ledge! I am talking some remarkable rock climbing moves here.

In the rock climbing world, the tree-fence tactic is typically used when climbing a dihedral or a chute. There was a climb in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado, I did (crickey, I can NOT remember the name… after the third tunnel, though) that is very similar to this dog’s escape route. Pretty much a face climb for the first pitch. Then it turns into a beautiful dihedral and finishes with a ledge. LOL… although when I reached above the ledge to pull myself up and over, I was surprised to find the rock layer had changed and it was nothing but a sloper. I HATE slopers! I slapped, slipped, and eventually pulled through. Needless to say, I left some skin from my knees behind.

Here is the amazing escape dog with a rock-climbing escape… And after the dog video is a short video of climbing a dihedral in a rock climbing gym (jump ahead to 20 seconds). You can see the similarities between the two.

LOL… I just watched both videos at the same time. Kinda fun… like they’re racing each other.

Mission Impossible Dog Makes Miraculous Escape

Fun Dihedral V3 Route


    • No kidding. I wouldn’t be able to have taken that dog rock climbing with me… she’d follow me up the crags and I’d be too afraid she’d fall. Hmmm… maybe a extra person, a doggie harness, and her own personal belayer.

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