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Golfer Pulls a “Caddyshack” Putt and Makes the U.S. Open

I love this! Caddyshack is from my generation and still nothing to this day, in my opinion, even comes close to Caddy Shack and Animal House. Just recently, a golfer pulled a “Caddyshack” putt and made it into the US Open.

Dennis Miller is a 42-year-old Ohio club pro with 11 failed attempts to make the U.S. Open field — and he didn’t even see the putt that got him through sectional qualifying this year fall into the cup. That’s because his curling 20-footer — on the fourth playoff hole — hung on the lip for a full five seconds before tumbling in, giving Miller plenty of time to give up on it before the “Caddyshack”-style ending. “Before I left home … I decided to put my old putter, a 25-year-old Maxfli Tad Moore, into my bag,” he said. “I won’t be without it from here on.”


Take a look yourself and Dennis’ putt, and the closing scene of Caddyshack with the explosions, the gopher, Chevy Chase, Dangerfield and the rest. It still makes me laugh.

Amazing Putt Sends Journeyman to US Open

Caddyshack – Ending Explosion


This is a screen capture from Caddyshack. It is not Dennis’ ball.

Source:  MSN


    • Seriously???? OMG. I’ve seen it many times since it first came out. But went through probably over a decade since I watched it. Then recently watched it on cable. It was just as good, if not better, than when I first saw it.

  1. Excellent videos, both! Caddyshack was filmed at a country club not too far from where I grew up. When I was scouting around for a place for my wedding, that was one of the places I visited, but by then it was a bit dated and worn looking. It might have been cool to say I had my reception in the same room where Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight were dancing (in one of my favorite scenes from the movie), but my mom was not having it. She thought it would look bad in our wedding pictures so we ended up at a different place. 🙂

  2. Wow! Talk about living on the edge! That was really something. Thanks for posting the Caddyshack scene; I haven’t thought about it in years, and it was fun to see it again.

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