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The Parting Shot for June 7, 2012

I have no idea who created this, but I love it. Having loved books and nature my whole life, it would be a dream to actually find something like this, clean it up, renovate/restore – but keep as much original as possible, put some sort of glass enclosure above the tree, and make this room my home. With a computer, of course….

Click on image to view in full size

Image credit:  Unknown


      • Cool! Photoshopped, but it also looks like a scene that someone actually created in miniature… I kept getting that feeling, and especially when I looked at the world globe on the floor to the left.

        • By jove, I think you’ve got it! Seriously, I think you’re right. Now that you’ve mentioned it, that image does look like a miniature. Cool! That kinda work is waaaaay too tedious for me. Damn good job!

        • I was just about to call it a night, or maybe a very early morning, but glad you popped up. That kind of work is waaaaay too tedious for me too, but for quite a few years, my mother was into it, and she was good enough to win awards in contests with her miniature works, so maybe if this really is a miniature, that’s how I picked up on it, since I’ve seen so much of my mom’s work.

        • Well, I’m going to be up a while as I have a deadline for a graphics job. A local t-shirt place needs me to create a softball with wings for some team this weekend and they need it tomorrow morning. I love the extra work and $$… but I waited WAY to late tonight to start this. Ugh… I’m here, but back and forth so I can get this damn thing done.

        • Well good deal on getting the extra $$$ and doing something that you enjoy. Also wanted to say congrats on getting a contract to update that 3 yr old WP platform you mentioned recently, cause again it seems like you’re getting into work that you really want to do. Hope that trend continues for you.

        • LOL… I haven’t updated it yet. That’s not what they’re wanting. I’m adding an e-book to the site for sale. But I had to create the cover first. Not sure I want to tackle the upgrade since it will mess with the site big time. Depends on how much future work will be needed on the site probably. We’ll see.

        • So this e-book you are adding… Did you write it? Or are you adding someone else’s e-book to the WP site? If you did write it, can you briefly tell me what your book is about?

    • Hey, you! I have been SO busy and am now very far behind on reading and blog-hopping. What’s with the “ex” in Hobbler? How are you? And how are both your sites going? I’m up drawing a softball with wings that a print shop needs tomorrow morning. Tired, but love the extra $$ – and I do so enjoy graphic work. Just makes my full time job a bit rough when I stay up this late. Well, it’s Friday, so can catch up on sleep on Saturday. Anyway, fill me in on what’s going on. And I am so sorry I haven’t been by to visit lately. I can’t even keep up on my own blog. But my big side-job I’ve been working on is almost done… doing the graphic cover for an e-book and now he’s ok’d the design, so I have to add it to the book, re-size for e-book reader-thingeys (like a Kindle), upload them, put them in a cart, and test them. I haven’t done an ebook cart set-up yet, so will be interesting.

      ANYWAY… (can’t get that damn softball with wings done unless I shut the f* up!)… fill me in! Missing you all over there at your place.

      • It’s okay Michelle, but I do want to talk. The ex-hobbler is because I mostly roll in a wheelchair now instead of walking like I’m drunk. I can’t talk long now, but we need to catch up sometime.

  1. I’ve always wanted a Santa Fe style adobe house with an enclosed center courtyard, with a good part of it covered. A tree there, possibly through the roof, would be mandatory. My brother has a big house up in Snowmass with a little guest house built out in a grove of aspens. It was built so an aspen comes up through it. Just one room with several bunks, bookshelves, and a kitchenette. Heavenly on a rainy day, or for a quiet nap on a warm afternoon. Stream runs right by it. Ambiance out the wazoo!!

    • Oh, beautiful! I can visualize it. Sounds so peaceful and inviting. I’ve seen homes around here very similar. Although most of the center courts are not well covered. More “outdoorsy” than “indoorsy” – if you know what I mean. I agree with you. I’d love to have something like that, but fairly well covered from the elements – but LOTS of glass for sun. An option to open ceiling windows would be a must, too.

  2. That is such a cool picture that I’d frame it and hang it on my wall! And yes, I’d love to live there, too. It takes me to mt “happy place” just looking at it.

    • How about we share the entire space? And share the chores of raking up the leaves and watering the trees indoors. Hmmm… maybe just get a leaf blower, open up the doors, and blow them outside….

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