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Jesse Ventura calls Mitt Romney ‘another Gordon Gekko’

While driving into work, I listen to The Stephanie Miller show on progressive talk radio. Today her guest was former Governor Minnesota Jesse Ventura. He is out promoting his new book ‘Democrips and Rebloodlicans: No More Gangs In Government,’ but had some very interesting things to say. For example, he talks about tea party money funding and says Presidential candidates should have to wear “Nascar outfits” so they have patches about “who owns them.” Ventura writes about income inequality in his book and says if Mitt Romney is elected as President, Americans “are getting Gordon Gekko.” Additionally, Ventura quips, “Corporations have no soul, all they have is a bottom line.”

Jesse mentions that 99% of us have lost wealth, while the 1%, the billionaires, have increased their wealth during this recession five times. This is nothing but a transference of money.

Is this is okay with you? Not me. And if anyone – except those who have gained massive income – is okay with this, then you are so brainwashed…. I am sure that many received a raise, or moved up the ladder within their career – but you are one of the lucky few. While many people were losing their jobs, I was very fortunate and received a nice raise. But due to insurance premiums, amount of taxes I pay, and the general cost of living, I am still paycheck to paycheck with no retirement whatsoever. For our country to grown economically, there must be a fairness across the board.

Oh, and here is another little tidbit…. the CEO of Walmart makes $19,000 per HOUR. While most of their US employees make under $10/hour, and just barely under the minimum number of required hours to be able to receive benefits. Then there are the hundreds of thousands of jobs, if not into the millions, which are now in China. (sigh)

So, people… when will many Americans wake up and see the truth? That our government really does not care about the citizens? Here is a small excerpt from the interview with Jesse Ventura.

*Talking Liberally wit… : Jesse Ventura calls Mitt Romney ‘another Gordon Gekko

As a special treat, here is a podcast from The Stephanie Miller Show today, June 13th. This is the portion of the show when regular listeners call in.


The Stephanie Miller Show
Current: Jesse Ventura calls Mitt Romney ‘another Gordon Gekko’


  1. I haven’t thought most of govt cared about us for quite some time.
    I’m surprised to hear that from ventura though. I thought he’d gone around the bend quite a while ago.

    • It was a great interview! He had a lot of great things to say that was refreshing to hear come out of a politicians mouth – even if former – which we’ve been hearing come from activists for some time now. And he just flat out said that the corporations do not care about the people. He dreads the thought of Romney as president.

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