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The people of the U.S. are nothing more than Boehner’s and the GOP’s martyrs

“Nowhere to be found in President Obama’s 54-minute speech this afternoon was a new idea, proposal, or plan to fix our economy….”

“Under President Obama, Gas Prices Have Soared….”

“The Keystone XL Energy Pipeline is a proposed crude oil pipeline that is 36 inches in diameter and 1,700 miles long that would extend from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast of the United States. The construction of the pipeline would create more than 20,000 direct jobs and 118,000 indirect jobs while battling the high cost of gas….”

These are only a few of the lies being told by Speaker of the House John Boehner, as well as Mitt Romney and the Republican Party as a whole. I am sure there are plenty of Democrats, too, but I it appears as though the GOP has an specific agenda in mind…. All you have to do is remember what Mitch McConnell said about making sure Obama is a one-term president. Our Congress has the power within their grasp to turn our economy around and create more jobs. But will they? No they will not. We are all martyrs to them simply and purely because they will not purposely do ANYTHING which will make President Obama look good.

Currently, on Boehner’s desk is a jobs bill which will provide nearly three million jobs. Yes, that is three MILLION! The current U.S. Transportation Bill expires on June 30th. The U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan two year compromise by a vote of 74-22. According to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin that would save or create nearly 68,000 jobs in Illinois alone, however, U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner is refusing to bring that bill to the floor instead calling for a six month extension of the previous bill. It would be the 10th such extension and funding for the soon to be expired bill will run out in September. Check out what Senator Bernie Sanders has to say about this….

Sen. Sanders on Infrastructure: Republicans Are Doing Whatever They Can to Make Obama Look Bad

Let’s review gas prices…. First of all, the POTUS has nothing to do with the price of gas. That is entirely set by world markets and the oil companies. Even more importantly, our number one export for 2011 was FUEL! Yes, fuel. We are at a surplus and with a much lower consumer demand. So why the exportation? Simple economics… the sale goes to the highest bidder. To keep more fuel within the United States would lower our prices at the pump, but would drop the profit margin of the oil companies.

The Keystone XL Pipeline…. Naturally, the estimated job production varies greatly depending upon whether the numbers are coming from “for” or “against” the pipeline. However, whatever the number may be, it will be short-term only. The number of long term jobs is much lower, and very insignificant compared to what is sitting on Boehners desk at this very moment. Additionally, lower the price of gas? Absolutely not. The sole purpose of this pipeline is nothing more than a conduit to transport crude from Canada to Texas or the gulf so that it may be refined and exported for a greater profit. Because oil is a global commodity, increasing domestic production will do very little to bring down retail prices.

It is not fun being a martyr, especially when we did not ask to be. Boehner, the Republicans and Tea Party will not stop. Our country which is now built on a house of cards will crumble quickly, and they do not care. Their only concern is getting Obama out of the Whitehouse. If Mitt Romney were to be elected as POTUS, then start storing canned food and make sure you have a sturdy tent because many Americans will lose their jobs; health care costs will put many in the poor house; the homeless numbers will rise; the middle class will disappear; schools will become privatized therefore an enormous amount of children will no longer go to school – but then, teachers are being fired right and left, anyway; and the loss of income from the 99% will only transfer to the 1%.

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  1. Again I will say that we are pawns in the GOPs hatred of Obama. Worse still the GOP are the tools of corporate America and soon with the policies that Romney will put in place black, wite, latinos and other minority will be slaves to the Corporate bodies thirst for power.

  2. The only point of the Keystone pipeline is aiding the export of oil products. The jobs are worthwhile. The lies about affecting the domestic price of gasoline are exactly that – lies from thugs who know better.

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