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RE/MAX Realtor Lists a Home for Sale as “Not Haunted”

RE/MAX agent Jake Palmer had been sitting on a listing for quite some time. Shortly after Christmas last year, an offer on the house was made and accepted, and the couple who currently owns the home packed their items in preparation to move out once the sale was closed upon. Shortly before the date that the sale was to be finalized, the buyer backed out and forfeited the offer, leaving the homeowners in a pickle.

The “Sold” banner had to be removed from the sale sign in the house’s yard, and any real estate agent will tell you how difficult it is to reintroduce a house to the market after it was considered sold. Potential buyers naturally presume something is wrong with the property. Haunted often crosses people’s minds. So the listing grew stale with little interest. Jake needed to do something soon with this house, so he became rather creative.

The little banner which hangs beneath the “For Sale” sign is what is referred to as a “rider.” So Jake decided to be creative and have a bit of fun with the rider on the sign for the house for sale at 376 Douglas Ave in St John, New Brunswick Canada [Google map link].

The first innovative rider he hung stated that the house had “Indoor Plumbing.” Cute. Nice tongue-in-cheek humor. Unfortunately, it did not seem to draw any more attention than normal. Next! Jake hung a different rider which informed people that the house was a “Love Shack, Baby!” If you view the video tour or look at the photos, you can see that it was indeed a love shack for the current owners as the smallest bedroom was redecorated and used as a nursery while the other spare bedroom housed a small child. Still no luck.

Then Jake decided “what the hell” and changed the rider to “Not Haunted” with the hopes that this one will be a serious attention-grabber. This one has worked! The photo of the “For Sale” sign with the newest “Not Haunted” rider has now gone viral. The Chive picked up on it and posted it their “Best photos of the week” on Friday, as well as one currently of the hot images circulating around Facebook. In all honesty, I love this quaint little house. I no longer do “big” homes – that’s just more to clean, more to heat and more to cool. Although this home is not tiny, it is a cozy yet comfortable size, has incredible hardwood floor, and the yard is to die for.

With all the crap going on in our US government, this may not be such a bad option… Ideally I have been looking for a cave with high speed internet in the Northern Territories, but have not been able to locate one yet. Jake’s love shack with indoor plumbing which is definitely NOT haunted is listed for CAN $198,400, which is approximately US $193,410.

Oh, I almost forgot… one other nice touch of humor Jake has given this listing…. When you go to his website listing for this specific home, he has a YouTube video set to auto play The Commodores “Brick House” when you land on it’s page.

I have always wanted to go visit New Brunswick….


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  1. Loved your post, and Jake sounds like my kinda guy. 🙂 And with all the crap going on in our US government, I thought about dropping everything and rushing up to NB to make an offer… but that would be mean, cause you saw it first, Michelle. Lol

  2. Hi,
    What a great idea, I just love the sign. I took the tour of the house, and it is very nice and the back yard looks big. It all looks very fresh and clean, and very cheap as well. 🙂

    • I suppose it all depends on where the house is located. If it was in my home town, which is small town Indiana, it would probably be listed for $80,000 at most. But put that same home in Seattle area and you’re looking at well over $200,000. I love it, though. If I lived up there and was in the market of buying, I’d pick that one up in a heartbeat.

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