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The G’morning Shot for June 21, 2012

Breakfast is served. Now, where’s the coffee?

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Photo credit:  Aftab Ussaman
Source:  One Big Photo


  1. LOL – I was up WAY too late last night, or more correctly, I was up WAY too early this morning (some woman was being a bad influence on me, and encouraging me to stay up, instead of getting the rest I really need) so when I saw the “Breakfast is served…” caption just now, before the photo, my sleep deprived mind got too literal, and I was expecting to see some bacon and eggs here.

    Which made it all the more funny to me, when I saw what “breakfast” really was! Lol 🙂 But the question remains, “Now, where’s the coffee?” cause I really need mine badly! Lol

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