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Things You Should Know About Student Loan Debt | Infographic

Here is an infographic about student loan facts created by “Rebuild the Dream.” It is mind-boggling to see what students are up against in order to gain a higher education – a college diploma. Our education system has turned into a “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” choice upon graduating from high school. You are damned if you go simply due to the overwhelming about of debt a student will incur upon graduating. But if a high school grad decides to opt out of a college education because of the cost, then they are forever bound to lower paying jobs and fewer – if any – benefits.

No college graduate is guaranteed a job upon graduation. Then to have such a large burden upon one’s shoulders…. This is not what America used to be about. College is now becoming a priviledge for the elite, and no longer a right for any person seeking a college degree.

[1]  Student loan debt has passed one-trillion dollars – this is significantly higher than credit card debt.

[2]  Student loan debt has nearly tripled in the past decade alone.

[3]  In the past 20 years, tuition and fees have doubles, yet median household income has risen only 2.1%

NOTE: I am a Purdue University graduate and I graduated debt free because the cost for state residents was affordable. My tuition when I entered into my Freshman year as just under $800/semester, full time. LOL… sometimes the books and supplies would cost more than the tuition.

[4]  Collectors can legally garnish up to 25% of your wages if you default.

NOTE: If a person defaults on their loan, it is most likely because they have had no choice but to take a lower-paying job most likely not even in the field they studied. Then for the collectors to come along and take one-quarter of your wages…. there’s not going to be much left over.

[5]  Student loans is the only form of debt that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy in normal circumstance.

[6]  On July 1, 2012, subsidized Stafford loan RATES WILL DOUBLE IF CONGRESS DOES NOT ACT!!!!

And here is one more little tidbit via a graphic:

Source of Infographic:

Rebuild the Dream | You Probably Already Know This: Six Facts On Student Debt

Sources for facts on the graphic:

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  1. I too graduated debt free in 1992. Gone are the days of the free ride (like mine, due to being poor and studying hard) and now my kiddos are facing the future with debt already racked up. It’s frackin’ scary, for them and me. i guess they’ll be living with me longer than I thought.

    • You’re not kidding there. My bosses youngest just graduated high school and here in NM, the lottery will pay for in state students to go to UNM (Univ New Mexico). But she didn’t want to go to UNM – which I’m a Purdue grad, and I can understand. UNM is okay, but not one of the better colleges. However, after a lot of thought and realizing the amount of debt she’d be in especially going to an out of state college, she wisened up and decided to get the free education. She knows that after she goes a couple years, then there’s always the opportunity to transfer, but first, get started in college and see how it goes without racking up debt.

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