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The Parting Shot for June 28, 2012

I have been in Indianapolis on business attending a conference. The past two nights are the first two nights I did not post any Parting Shots (since I started posting them). Tonight I wanted to share a photo of ME on the big screen at the Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis Colts). The final reception tonight was a private party at the Stadium and we were could go down to the field, kick and throw footballs, and they (obviously) had cameramen there to film and put us up on the big screen. So me… not being shy… directly asked a cameraman to shoot me so I could take a picture of myself on the big screen. So here ya go! Oh, we were to wear football jerseys, but since I do not own one, I wore the closest thing I have… a canine agility t-shirt. Well… the font looks like baseball at least.

Oh, astro turf is spongy and soft! I was amazed! I had never been on a pro field. I only wish my carpeting at home was this spongy and soft….

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Photo credit:ย  Me


        • It’s a big improvement they’ve made in artificial turf in the last 8 years or so, and it’s far superior to what they had 20 years ago, when the stuff was more like outdoor carpet and as hard as asphalt, which was what was actually underneath the carpet, with a very thin layer of padding.

          Players used to get injured on phony turf frequently, either from their bodies impacting on the hard surface, or getting really nasty rug burns on exposed skin, when the carpet scraped big ugly patches of skin right off a players arm when falling and sliding hard on it.

        • That’s what I through it was still like, well sort off. I never really dwelled on it to be honest, but figured it had improved from those days. Just didn’t realize how much! You could sleep on it!

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