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Heat Wave Melts Metal Newspaper Stand

With the heat wave soaring into the three-digits across the country, this is no laughing matter. Power grids are pushed to their limit; many people live without any cooling system; and violent storms with 80-mph gusts toppled trees, cut power lines and killed six people in Virginia alone – also leaving millions of people without power to cool their homes.

Although the extreme heat in and of itself is nothing to scoff at, sometimes humor is all we have to make it through these historic temperatures. Showpaper magazine is a New York-based free bi-weekly print-only publication, which lists and promotes every all-ages & DIY show in the NYC / Tri-state area. They recently installed a melting newsstand in front of the bookstore Printed Matter as the summer heat begins to crank up.

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  1. Funny! 🙂 And we might as well laugh, considering the alternative. It’s a relatively cool 90 degrees in Beantown right now, which compared to so much of the country, makes even a cool weather loving guy like me, feel lucky!

  2. What I remember about living on the East Coast is that the heat comes accompanied by humidity, and that was what made me want to stay in the shade for the entire summer.

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