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Mitch McConnell Cannot Answer How GOP Will Help 30 Million People

Since the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Health Care Act (aka “ObamaCare”), Republicant’s Republicans and Tea-Baggers Partiers alike have all been scrambling to come up with logical-sounding lies reasons as to why this new act is the most horrid thing to happen to our country. Since several of the SCOTUS judges are pretty much informally known to have been bought by certain people and companies (cough cough Koch Brothers cough cough), I am pretty sure that the GOP was confident that the Supreme Court would render an unconstitutional verdict, thus repealing one of the biggest, and most welcome, changes in health care that we have had in decades. Is the AHCA perfect? I am positive it is not. But it is a start. What we have been doing is not working, so it’s time to change. And the AHCA is modeled after one of the most successful health care systems in the world – in Switzerland.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall of several peoples rooms and offices when this announcement came out.

Naturally, the GOP is still pledging to repeal the AHCA, but Obama will veto it, so this is more of a formal act that Congress will waste time and money doing. However, they will continue to berate this new act and do anything and everything they can to brainwash people into believing this will be the downfall of America. They keep forgetting that Bush was our most recent major downfall….

Below is the footage of FOX News’s Chris Wallace asking Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConell (R-KY) one of the most important questions people would like to know. It is simply that if the GOP were to repeal AHCA, then what would the Republican Party do for the 30 million people who have now just gained health care coverage. The repeal would take away health care from 30 MILLION PEOPLE, so it is a very fair question in wanting to know what the RNP will do for these people.

Mitch McConnell never answered the question.

He dodged left, he faked a right, but he never made it past the line of scrimmage and was tackled on his own FOX News turf – now when I saw this question and interview was posed by Faux FOX News, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Check this out, transcripts from the video:

WALLACE: One of the keys to ObamaCare is that it will extend insurance access to 30 million people who are now uninsured. In your replacement, how would you provide universal coverage?

MCCONNELL: Well first let me say the first single thing we can do for the American system is get rid of ObamaCare. … The single biggest direction we can take in terms of improving health care is to get rid of this monstrosity. […]

WALLACE: But you’re talking about repealing and replace, how would you provide universal coverage?

MCCONNELL: I’ll get to it in a minute. […]

WALLACE: I just want to ask, what specifically are you going to do to provide universal coverage to the 30 million people who are uninsured?

MCCONNELL: That is not the issue. The question is, how can you go step by step to improve the American health care system. … We’re not going to turn the American health care system into a Western European system.

LOL… McConnell replies with telling Wallace what the question is… Is not Wallace interviewing McConnell? I clearly hear Wallace asking Mitch the same question three times.

Now, in response to turning American health care system into a Western European system? Why not??? It is working for them! Ours is not. Model after what is proven to work and who cares where it is from. We want a fair and functioning health care system.

McConnell can’t say how GOP will insure 30m after repealing ObamaCare

At one point, McConnell calls this a “job-killing proposal.” Ummmm… and just HOW is this killing jobs? I would think this act would ADD more jobs. Since more people will be covered by insurance, then more employees will be needed by insurance companies, and more people will actually take preventative health care measures and see their doctors more often. That takes more health care professionals to handle the increase of patients.

Now, if Mitch is indicating that companies will have to downsize the number of employees so that they are able to afford health care, I disagree. Most companies now are functioning on skeletal employee numbers yet making enormous profits due to the Bush tax cuts. There is room for companies to cover insurance for employees… and is this not the right thing to do? Have we evolved into a country where decisions are only made based on numbers? It is a proven fact that healthy employees have less turnover and provide a larger profit margin for their employers. Benefits in past years have been a reason to seek a job at certain companies. Without benefits, then jobs are regressing backwards nearer to a mild definition of slavery.

Additionally, smaller businesses who have been unable to afford insurance for their employees, but have always wanted to do so, will receive over $4,000 in a tax break in order to provide health insurance.

Just goes to show that Mitch wants his cake and eats it too….

McConnell then explains how they would take a more modest step and basically proceed carefully in “fixing” our health care system. Well, most people can no longer wait. It has been time to shit or get off the pot for years now. Most people who are sick and/or dying can no longer wait. Children are going without health care. The 30 million people being covered by Obama are tired of waiting because of the Republicans sitting on their hands and not wanting to make any changes because the private insurance companies are profiting more and more every year due to their “picking and choosing” who they wish to cover. Health care insurance should NOT be for profit as this is a conflict of interest, proven by their picking and choosing and declining pre-existing conditions.

Furthermore, McConnell then proceeds to fall into “doublespeak” where he is throwing terminology around which makes no sense to the average American. But when said with the proper tone in one’s voice, then it “must be important.” Specifically Mitch mentions, “… things like interstate sales of health insurance….” Now, I have an IQ of 160, so I fall well above the average IQ in the world – I have no clue as to what Mitch means by “interstate sales of health insurance.” I’m sure he is hoping most Americans will not either, but will simply nod their heads and agree.

He goes on and on about problems with lawsuits, etc. Now, are these not problems which grew BEFORE ObamaCare? And how is the new health act responsible for the lawsuit happy world we have grown into?

All in all, McConnell cannot answer the question directly asked to him – THREE times. He eludes and redirects to confuse those who easily follow. Well, not me, and hopefully not you, either.

Lastly, this is coming from the very same man that outright stated that the primary goal of the RNP is to see that Obama is a one-term President. This in and of itself, in my opinion, is treason. It is one thing to disagree with something when it is placed upon the table for debate and vote. It is another to pre-determine that anything and everything will be fought against regardless of what it is simply because it comes during Obama’s turn in office.

Just to make this clear, the definition of treason is:

1. The crime of betraying one’s country, esp. by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
2. The action of betraying someone or something.

This statement in the video below by Mitch McConnell is a betrayal to the people of our country by openly admitting his and the RNP’s goal is to get Obama out of office – NOT to do what is best for our country.


Mitch McConnell: Top Priority, Make Obama a One Term President


ThinkProgress: McConnell Can’t Answer How GOP Will Insure Americans After Repealing ObamaCare: ‘That Is Not The Issue’


  1. They have no game plan other than to support corporations and run over the middle class,if any are left,and the poor.

    • Exactly. And the very same people in working class America who are supporting these politicians are the very same ones which will be run over by the same politicians and left to die by the side of the road.

  2. Some quick observations here since I’m pressed for time:

    1. You actually WATCH Fox News??? Wow… If I did that, all the furniture within striking range of our TV would be broken!

    2. Someone on Fox News actually asked a high ranking Republican like Mitch McConnell a reasonable and intelligent question, and then pressed him to actually answer the question??? Even when answering the question could make the GOP look bad? Wow again!

    First the John Roberts decision upholding AHCA and now this! Has our political landscape been turned upside down?

    3. Nope, not all all – Because McConnell’s evasion of the question and then his distorted redirection of the question is business as usual for him and all like him in the GOP.

    4. Yes, he and they are absolutely guilty of treason. But there will be a conviction on the 12th of never, because the game is rigged.

    5. Mitch McConnell’s head looks like the head of a turtle. But that’s being mean to turtles, so I won’t say it anymore.

    6. Ever since you got back from Indiana, you’ve really stepped up your posting, and I’m enjoying it. Nice work, Michelle! 🙂

    7. I have to stop my reply now, cause my wife and I just played a cut throat 18 hole match of mini golf, and we had a bet on the outcome. She beat me by three strokes, so now I can hear her yelling at me from the bedroom as she’s demanding that I pay up!

    “Get off that damn computer, get in here right now, and get ME off instead!!!”

    I think I better get going!

    • 1. ME? Watch FOX? Hell, no. I found that on Think Progress site.

      2. I know… knocked me over with a feather.

      3. Agreed. But in all fairness, all politicians do this from both sides of the tracks.

      4. Agreed. But imagine if they did… I bet you’d find our system improves a thousand-plus percent.

      5. Yes, he does resemble a turtle.

      6. Thanks! I’ve had some time… but that will probably go away for the next two weeks. Then my deadline for my big event hits on July 12th and relief will be in site.

      7. Why were you on the computer in the first place????

      • Well then we should be very thankful for “Think Progress” because since they watch Fox News, WE don’t have to!

        I wonder if they watch Fox News while sitting in beanbag chairs, inside padded rooms? This would prevent costly overhead from constantly breaking office furniture, or trips to ER from hitting walls with their fists!

        I would rather be tickled all over with a feather boa, rather than knocked over by a feather, but that’s another story, and one you’d probably rather not hear…

        But getting back to the point, maybe Chris Wallace was suddenly possessed by the ghost of Edward R. Murrow and that’s why he started acting like a real journalist asking real questions.

        There have been several sightings of Murrow’s ghost in the last few days, ever since both CNN and then Fox spent 7 straight minutes reporting that the Supreme Court OVERTURNED AHCA instead of upholding it. One source claims that Murrow’s ghost shouted “This is just the last straw! I can’t stand to watch this pathetic excuse for journalism go on any longer, and I’m gonna start doing some serious HAUNTING of these fakes, fools and posers!!!”

        All politicians may do it, but I think that GOP pols do it far more often and they do it much dirtier. They have learned well from the Master: Karl Rove.

        I’d love to imagine McConnell, Boehner, and a bunch of their buddies get sent from the House and the Senate to the Big House and locked up for convictions of treason! I would love imagining this even more than imagining Salma Hayek suddenly appearing naked in my bedroom and saying “Chris, I want you…” and that’s saying a LOT for just how much I’d love to imagine this particular justice being done!

        But I’d say that both scenarios have about the same chance of actually happening. Sigh!

        Not only does McConnell’s head resemble that of a turtle, but a turtle with a dickhead sticking out of it’s asshole! And there I go being unfair to the turtles again, so I’m sorry my terrapin and tortoise friends!

        You’re welcome! May your big event be a big success, and I say bring on July 12th ASAP so we can enjoy more Motley News!

        Why was I on the computer in the first place? Now Michelle, that IS an excellent question, and I can understand why you would wonder, so here’s my answer:

        It was in the highly humid 90s for our 18 holes of cut throat, everything on the line mini golf match, so I was feeling somewhat overheated by the time we got home. The AC unit in my study where my PC is, is oversized for the size of the room, but that’s why it cools down my study like a meat locker within minutes, and I become a real cool guy again real fast.

        Our bedroom is much bigger than my study, which is a good thing, since we have a king sized bed and there’s still room for playing in the sex swing, and the kiddy pool we use for naked jello wrestling. But the AC takes longer to cool down our large bedroom, so I was cooling down quickly in my study while replying to your post, before heading for the bedroom.

        I’m much better at really heating things up in the bedroom, when I’m feeling real cool to begin with, so that’s why I was on the computer in the first place, while cooling off in my rapidly cooling study. Even though my wife was feeling impatient in the beginning, she was feeling nothing but wonderful by the time we finished…

        Are there any questions?

        LOL 😀

        • Well, you made me look up who Salma Hayek is…. Nope. No other questions. The A/C thing is perfectly acceptable – especially since I played “evaporative cooler repair-woman” today – and fixed it! We now have cool air rather than the hot air it’s been blowing for a few days. (there was a plug in the water line). But the unit is on the roof – a TIN roof – and that becomes very slippery when wet, which it did. I started to slip and caught myself be grabbing the side of the cooler. Well, my fingers ran along the edge of sharp metal and I damn near sliced off two of my fingers. My first finger (pointing finger) was really bad. Bled like a stuck pig. It looks like someone committed murder on the roof. But, hey… I fixed it and have had cool air blowing on my and my computer and dogs all day long!!!!

        • Jeese Michelle! I’m sorry that you cut your finger so badly, and I’m just glad that you didn’t fall off the roof and become critically injured or worse.

          But at least you succeeded in fixing the problem and you, your dogs and computer have comfortably cool air again.

          And hey, I know this is not the way you swing, but what did you think of Salma? 😉

        • Well then you have a more direct connection to neutrality via the history of your Nationality than I realized!

          And here I thought that with your blonde hair and blue eyes, that you were Swedish, and there goes that fond fantasy of mine right out the window! (kidding! lol)

          And if my wife starts reading your blog (always possible, since I’ve often forwarded her your posts) and she sees replies like these from me, all my stuff will be going out the window too! (kidding again – she’s cool, and patient with my online flirtations, as long as it stays online.)

          But here’s what’s funny – You and neutrality are a glaring contradiction in terms, and as much as “ice on fire”. You are one of the least neutral people that I know, and I admire you for it, because I admire the articulate passion of your convictions.

          BUT… all the same, I can understand your neutrality on Salma Hayek, Ms. Switzerland. (snicker)

          But you still might want to watch her in the movie “Frida” since she was superb in her portrayal of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. There’s also a lesser known film called “Ask the Dust” and I’ll always be grateful to Ms. Hayek for that one, because by the time it was over, my wife couldn’t keep her hands off me! Lol 😉

  3. They have no game plan. Their only goal is to support corporate profits,destroy the working class,lower taxes for the 1% and blame the countries failures on the Democrats and the working class. and the working republicans will still vote against their own best interest.

    • That’s what really hurts me, and for some reason I take it personally… that the Republicans purposely vote against the best interest of the people for the sole purpose of voting against a democrat and/or Obama; or anything that threatens their profiting, corrupt corporate world running this country.

  4. I challenge any Republician to dispute the fact that they have not presented a jobs bill, a proposal for health care, a means to enhance social security or medicare by having the 1% pay their fair share,eliminate the requirement of the postal service to fund their retirement 30 yrs out, cut public education, reduce public safety, gut unions, reduce voter registration by creating a false claim of voter fraud,and the list can grow. They have controlled the House for 2&1/2 years without presenting a forward movement bill. Stand on your record of nothing. The elected Republicians want smaller government but continue to run for office, have health insurance, have a retirement, have a staff paid by taxes, but continue to say “you do not deserve any government programs” these are entitlements even though you have paid into them. Keep voting Republician, not me I stopped when I became informed.

    • Good for you! Seriously!! And I hope many more follow your footsteps. The party has become nothing more than a bunch of greedy thieves. There used to be some honor among them, but no more. They care naught about the people but only about themselves.

  5. As a reasonable resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky…I can’t explain Mitch or Rand’s success with voters? My friends and family don’t seem to understand it either! I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how Mitch’s statement that money equals free speech is not a contradiction in terms? Perhaps in the upcoming presidential cycle…Kentucky should just abstain from voting since we are having this bad influence on the national scene? I agree with your treason comment and wondered why more wasn’t made of this when the words first came out of Mitch’s mouth.

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