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The Parting Shot for July 1, 2012

During the convention I attended in Indianapolis, we had a “fun” day where we could choose from a list of activities to attend. For example, there was a micro-brewery tour, nine-holes of golf, paddle boats in the park, etc. I choose the “behind the scenes at the zoo” option. We went behind the scenes to visit a couple penguins who “painted.” Basically, non-toxic paint on their feet and they walked across a canvas. This is a photo of the two penguins we got to meet. They were in a good mood this day so we were able to pet them… and they’re so soft!!! The lighting was rather dim, and not wanting to use a flash as that can startle them, I had to set my camera on an ISO of 6400, which gave the image a very grainy look. I have removed some of the graininess in Photoshop, but it tends “warp” some of the edges. Nonetheless, here are the two female penguins which painted for us….

Click on image to view in full size

Photo credit:  Me, Motley Photos
Location:  Indianapolis Zoo, July 28, 2012


    • There were a few others, too. But when I saw “behind the scenes at the zoo,” none of the others mattered. I have mixed feeling about zoos, and they definitely have changed since we were young. It’s just hard seeing them not free….

  1. Glad that you had so much fun “behind the scenes at the zoo”! For a guy like me, who tends to still think of ISOs in reference to film, an ISO of 6400 is astounding! But if there was any graininess before, you did a very effective job of cleaning it up with Photoshop, and when I viewed your image full size, I never noticed any warping at the edges.

    Had a ridiculous moment yesterday, when I couldn’t remember where I put my Nikon digital SLR D80, and I was starting to feel apprehensive. But I soon found it in my camera bag, which was in a corner of my study, and hidden by my PC tower.

    Hidden by my PC tower, huh? I can’t help but wonder if this was some sort of cosmic joke played on me, as well as a joke with a message…

      • Not sure, cause it’s late and I’m tired tonight. I could probably think of something, but there’s a high probability it would be lame. (‘And this would be different from your earlier comments, how?’ she wonders. lol)

        All I’ll say for now, is that when my PC, tower and I get together, we are often together for many hours, and my camera and taking photos gets lost and forgotten. So if I want to get back into photography again, this needs to change.

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