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The Parting Shot for June 30, 2012

Photo I took of a penguin swimming. I love this shot because you can see his whole body which about 25% is above water and the rest below. It was a difficult shot because those buggers swim FAST! Hard to focus and snap while keeping the camera on the guy – or gal. The glass is very scratched as well, so this is the best shot I got out of the bunch.

Click on image to view in full size

Photo credit:  Me, Motley Photos
Location:  Indianapolis Zoo


  1. Great shot Michelle, and I can appreciate how difficult it must have been to get it. I love watching penguins swim in those nature shows. They are so perfectly adapted for life in the water! 😀

  2. A really cool shot that was very challenging to take, but you got it! I guess you had a productive day with your camera at that zoo… The way that penguins can swim through the water is impressive, but my favorite penguins are the ones that fly up in the sky, and fly away in huge flocks, when they migrate to the Amazon rain forest, once a year on April 1st. LOL 😀

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