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Giant Lego Bridge in Germany | Photos

Incredible work! Very realistic bridge appears as though it was constructed with giant Lego pieces.

Over the course of 4 weeks, German street artist, Martin Heuwold, aka Megx, used colored panels to transform this bridge by using colorful panels that give people the illusion of seeing real Lego bricks. The bridge is part of debunk train line that was converted in to bicycle and pedestrian path located in Wuppertal, Germany.

According to his site, the artist lives and works with his family in Wuppertal. After getting in trouble for graffiti, Matthew Heuwold decided to make his artwork accessible to the general public

The bridge / underpass before turned into a Lego bridge. Photo: Rolf Dellenbusch


Photo: Rolf Dellenbusch



Photo: Lukas Pauer



Photo: Lukas Pauer



The finished Lego Bridge in Germany. Photo: Rolf Dellenbusch



Opposing Views: Artist Megx Builds Lego Bridge in Germany
Megx (The artists site. In German): LEGO-BRÜCKE


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