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How to Mow a Lawn – Alabama-Style

You have got to admit, this is pretty clever.

Redneck Lawnmower


  1. For those of us in New Mexico…that thing is called a lawn mower. Indigenous to areas of the east and west that have a phenomenon known as grass. This green stuff is grown in place of rocks in your front yard or that big empty patch of weather beaten dirt in your back yard and is called a lawn. It’s main diet consists of water…that stuff that falls out of the sky every six months or so for five minutes. Glad to be of help

    • You get that funny stuff from the sky every six months??? Where do YOU live in NM? LOL… actually, the rain yesterday was SO nice – and great timing, too. Seriously. Although that wasn’t enough to stop any fire, it at least helped with the back yarders shooting off fireworks.

  2. I Love it! Yes Only in Alabama. Although because of weather right now it is very dry. My other has not had to mow in a while… Hello ya’ll from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.(Roll Tide) 🙂

    • I was back in Indiana last week, which is where I’m from. And was amazed at how brown all the grass was. This time of year it’s normally very lush and growing like crazy. Whole freakin’ country is hot and dry.

      • That’s a NM lawn! But at least you get to take the grandkids to the grass museum so that they can see what we oldsters are talking about! I’m from NJ and miss the green (but not the humidity).

        • I’m from Indiana. No kids, no grandkids and too old to start now. But lots of dogs… sometimes they get a treat and I take them to the park and they graze on the grass… literally.

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