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A Plethora of Optical Illusions

Here are several different wacky and weird optical illusions. Some appear to move while others seem “skewed.” I am putting my favorite one first, though. I like to call this one, “Dr Seuss meets Tim Burton.”

Oh, you really must click on them to view in full size to get the full effect. Then hit your back button to return.

Dr Seuss meets Tim Burton

Watch the pretty colors move….


A square in a square

Yes, they are perfect squares, and seem to move around a bit….


The cheeks from The Saw mask (well, kinda)

Oh, yeah. They’re growing!!!


Leaves in a wave

Looks rather liquidy to me….


Psychedelic Baby!

To everything turn, turn, turn…. But what are the little red “Y’s” sticking out of some of them…??


The Checkered Wormhole

To infinity and beyond!!


Round ’em Up

Perfectly formed circles dead center.


The Battle of the Bulge

It’s swelling!!!!


Waves of Squares

More wavy action, but this time for squares….


Little Bits of Dots Spin

Okay, I’m getting a headache now….


Four Perfectly Round Circles

If you squint real tight, you can see them as circles….


Two Perfectly Round Circles

They look all completely warped. But they are perfect circle.


The Cracker Jack Toy

This reminds me of one of the toys that used to come in Cracker Jack when I was a kid….


  1. I’m a huge fan of optical illusions and have only seen one of these before. That second one, square within a square, is my favorite. The movement in that, for me anyway, is just amazing.

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