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What would AMC’s Breaking Bad be like if it was a Sitcom

To be perfectly truthful, I have just recently started watching Breaking Bad (I do not watch a lot of TV anymore – primarily the news). In fact, I am confident that I have spent more time watching the film crews shooting scenes here around Albuquerque than I have actually watching the show. But one of the episodes I watched the other night just so happens to be the same episode used to create this spoof – AMC’s Breaking Bad as a sitcom on ABC. I most definitely caught the humor – and I have very nearly become a major Breaking Bad fan overnight.

For those who have watched Breaking Bad, you will definitely see the humor. If you have not, well, just imagine CSI being spoofed as a sitcom.

Breaking Bad as a Sitcom

This next video is the intro from the only episode I saw before I started watching the show this past month. Living here in Albuquerque, I don’t have to be a fan of this drama to love this intro. The Crossroads Motel is where this intro was filmed and is exactly what is being portrayed in this video… a rundown piece of crap which is inhabited by hookers and drug addicts.

Love the remix of the song Wendy….

Breaking Bad Wendy Song


Laughing Squid: Breaking Bad as a TV Sitcom


  1. I love this show. I have every season available on DVD and can’t wait to catch up. Season 5 will be the last. I’ll miss it.

      • Ooo… I’m picky with my DVD’s but hey, I think I can trust you. πŸ˜‰ Sure; let me get Season 4 when it comes out and you can borrow the other three when you want. You will LOVE them! Fantastic show!

        I had an opportunity to be an extra on the show, but by that time I was no longer working as an extra. The days are simply too long and my migraines made it too difficult. I did get to be an extra on Crash, though. That was great! As well as a couple of movies filmed in the area. But, I really wanted to work on Breaking Bad.

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