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The best Mitt Romney meme yet – To Bain or not to Bain

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…. Late last week, it has been brought to the public’s attention that there are some contradictions when it comes to whether or not Romney was an active part of Bain Capital after Feb. 11, 1999, when he left to “rescue” the SLC Olympics (by using tax payers dollars).

There have been findings of Romney’s signatures on Bain documents and he is listed as CEO, lone stockholder, etc. If this all comes out to be true, Romney could potentially be brought up on charges of fraud to the SEC.

Therefore… the BEST Mitt Romney meme ever as Romney looks towards Obama as his attorney – and Obama flat out disses Mittens.

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  1. We could only hope that a corrupt 1%er would be held accountable for illegal practice. My guess is that with all of the deregulations which has made what was illegal, accepted practice, this will go down as business as usual. I hope for the best but I do not have my hpoe to high.

    • Oh, I seriously doubt he’ll be brought up on any charges – even if it is shown he’s guilty as sin. But I’m just basking in the fact that he has been caught with his pants down and this will seriously hurt his following.

  2. I agree, he has alot more baggage to be exposed. This is stuff that FOX NOISE can not dismiss. The news channels have to report because bloggers, like you keep the heat on, and people like me appreciate it. Keep it coming.

  3. LOVE It!!! 😀

    This is just classic Romney all the way, saying one thing when it was to his advantage in the past, and saying the opposite now, when it’s no longer to his advantage.

    But wait, there’s more! Romney gave a sworn testimony at a Massachusetts hearing in 2002, stating that he worked for Bain Capital, headquartered in MA, to counter questions about whether he had sufficient residency status in Massachusetts to run for governor. But now he’s saying that he left Bain in 1999 to distance himself from bankruptcies and mass layoffs that occurred in companies that Bain managed and ran into the ground after 1999, while Bain still made a profit, even after destroying some of these companies.

    Of course, both of Romney’s stories about when he left Bain can’t both be true, so either way, the guy has to be lying or guilty of fraud, or possibly guilty of both. I think that Mitt lied in June of 2002 during his sworn testimony claiming that he was still working for Bain, when in fact, he was spending ALL his time working for the 2002 US Olympic Committee in Utah.

    But no matter how Romney and the rest of the GOP try to spin this latest lie in a long line of Romney whoppers, this one may do some real damage and help to erase “Mr. Etch A Sketch” from the race for the White House.

    The best thing might be for Romney to not be charged with any criminal wrong doing (GOP would call it a witch hunt, and energize their base with rabid talk of Obama’s abuse of power for political gain) but instead, for the Obama campaign to just keep dogging Romney to death about how obvious it is that he’s been caught lying during a sworn testimony, and finally blow away the last shreds of his credibility with a majority of American voters.

    Stay tuned, cause in any case, this could be fun! I’m looking forward to those upcoming presidential debates… Hehehe! 🙂

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