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James Holmes, Batman Massacre | The Mind of a Genius, the Mind of a Killer

Since waking up to this tragic news yesterday, I cannot get James Holmes out of my mind. Holmes is the man who murdered twelve innocent people in the movie theater in Aurora, CO, who were there to watch the premier showing of the new Batman movie, the Dark Knight Rises. Why did he do this? I cannot stop wondering why. So many questions, so many things left unexplained. Holmes does not fit the typical profile for a mass murderer, other than a high level of intelligence – which is very common among serial killers. It’s the challenge, the game many love. To outsmart and beat the system. However, most serial killers and mass murderers have something in their past which, although may not be enough to raise red flags to the public, indicate some sort of imbalance or traumatic event that forever affects them.

Holmes kept to himself. I have not yet read anything about psyciatric problems. A fellow student commented that Holmes would often play video games in the lab. I would say the majority of students at some time either play video games or hop on a social media site when they are supposed to be working or studying. This only shows a normalty in Holmes, not an abnormalty.

Why was Holmes gun purchases and internet activity not noticed by the DOD or DHS?

One thing that does bother me greatly is our system here in the states. Our government and military is so hell-bent on terrorism that they could not see the signals that Holmes gave in bright, neon letters. Face the fact, if Holmes had been Muslim or from the middle east, this would have immediately been tagged as terrorism and most likely attributed to the Al Queda. it is that old “blame game” that our military and government are using to brain wash the US into believing we are being threatened on our own soil by terrorists from other countries. When adding up all the mass shootings which have occurred in the past decade, looks to me like we don’t have a problem with terrorism from outside our borders – but rather threats from our own population not being able to handle the reality within our own society.

What signs did Holmes give? Well, first of all, buying four guns in the matter of a couple months, especially when he had never owned a gun before. Ding ding!! That is not normal. Then to order an enormous amount of ammunition on line – enough to outfit a platoon of shooters – that is another sign. I have remained neutral about gun laws – primarily because I was raised around hunters. Hunting rifles were normal in our house, but they were always treated with the utmost respect – locked away unloaded with the key only available to the adults. End of story. They were only brought out for hunting and target practice.

Although I am not entirely opposed to owning firearms (not yet, anyway… my views are changing), it does appear that we have a serious problem with our system as a whole. No one should be able to go and buy this many firearms in a short period of time. Personally, I believe a year between purchases is a healthy time-frame. Additionally, why the need to purchasing and owning assault rifles? No one has any business possessing such a firearm unless they are actively involved in police work or the military. Even then, what would the need be for civilian ownership? If one wants a gun for protection, a hand gun will do the job just fine. One bullet will stop someone – a hundred is overkill (pardon the pun).

Monitoring the Internet

The IP of the DOD visiting Motley News. Click on image to view in full size.

Our Department of Homeland Security has been monitoring our internet, website, and social media for some time now. The Dept. of Defense even came to visit Motley News here three times one day (I ran the IP address when I noticed the three visits – that’s not normal). Most likely the posting I published and listed several key words the “watchers” look for is what drew their attention. Many of the watch words had to do with weather, so I simply couldn’t understand how something millions of people talk about online would be a flag to the “watchers.” Perfectly harmless post and I have not seen them return. I’m sure they determined that I am nothing more than a very vocal activist who believes firmly in women’s rights and equal rights for all. And most definitely, anti-war and anti-violence. Click HERE to see a screen shot of the IP address check of the IP in the image to the right.

If this site drew the attention of the DOD simply because I was talking about weather “watch” words, then why did Holmes sudden gun purchasing and mass amounts of ammo purchased online not draw the attention of the DOD? He would have had to do many searches to find exactly what he needed. Our searches are definitely watched as well. I have to wonder, again, if Holmes had a Muslim name, if he would have then been noticed.

The Mind of a Genius and a Killer

I am horrified by this massacre – yet I find myself completely intrigued with what was going on in James Holmes’s mind. I, myself, have an IQ in the genius range. In fact, according to the Mensa Society – of which I am a member – my IQ actually falls into the top 1% of the world (Mensa requires the top 2% to be a member). But I can never, ever imagine harming another person on any level or for any reason. Hell, I have a hard enough time squashing a stray cockroach that wanders in the house from outside. So in trying to imagine what Holmes was thinking and his reasoning is completely fascinating yet foreign to me. I want to know what made this man tick, and why he planned and executed such a massacre on innocent people. I can never imagine ever pointing a gun at anyone or any animal and pulling the trigger. I can’t. I will never completely understand because I cannot comprehend killing people. I just want to know what his thoughts were and are. He is like a human puzzle to me.

The police have now determined that the front door was rigged as a booby trap. Whoever opened it would have met an explosive surprise. It is obvious that the loud techno music was to draw someone to hopefully open his door to ask him to turn down the volume. A few neighbors thought about it, but did nothing more than knock on the door. Similar to Anders, of the Oslo Norway Massacre one year ago on July 22nd, an explosion just prior to the primary assault would draw the police and emergency people to his apartment thus giving him more time to execute the innocent in the cinema.

So then, why did he tell the police that his apartment was booby-trapped? Is this a cat-and-mouse game? Is Holmes entertaining himself by watching the police and bomb squads sweating as they try to disable the explosives in his apartment? A superiority complex shows through at this point. Holmes appears to believe himself as above and superior to others. Does he have disdain for those not at his “level” of intelligence? Why the violence if so? My IQ is far above normal, yet I find everyone to be extremely intelligent in their own way. Each man and woman offers a uniqueness that no one else has – it is called personality. Although many people are not as educated as others, this has nothing to do with their intelligence. Everyone has a gifted niche in their mind, and finding that in people is a wonderful thing.

Weapons and Gear

How did Holmes afford to purchase all the guns, ammo and ballistic, protective gear he wore? I have seen estimates from anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 for all that he bought. I am not sure that is including the items and explosives within his apartment. Regardless, this is a lot of money for a grad student on a budget. Is there another party involved that supplied him with the money? If so, then why would he agree to be the patsy and take the fall? Or did he expect to be able to get away? If his apartment had exploded prior to his shooting, then the chances would have been greater of him getting away. He most definitely would have had to go into hiding.

One thing that is really puzzling is why did he go through the steps of withdrawing from grad school? Obviously once he executed his plan, he would not be returning to school. So why take the time and bother to complete those steps?

So many question and no answers. Only speculation. If Holmes is talking now to the authorities, they are not sharing the information. Will Holmes ever explain thoroughly what his thinking was?

So many “why’s”…. My heart goes out to the families of those who were killed, as well as those who survived. The mental anguish will forever haunt them.

I just don’t understand violence.

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  1. Whoever the wrote this article is a fool at best. You HONESTLY are defending the government and attacking the United states in implying its, for the most part, just a massive BIGOT!!! Lets take a look at the rest of the world and the issues the plague it. From issues of race, religious intolerance, woman’s rights and human injustice on all levels. I got another point for ya, You want the government to obviously start gaining more control over our right to own guns but what about a horrid botched government operation “Operation Fast and Furious” This was a mind numbingly STUPID government operation that allowed at least TWO THOUSAND guns walk and into the hands of dangerous criminals and even over the border of another country. Most of the documents surrounding this horrid operation still haven’t been released and the president executed “Executive Privilege” to keep the documents hidden and this stinks from high heaven because why wouldn’t he just release the documents with all the uproar and negative limelight this has brought. So NO!!! whoever you are that wrote this article you are a FOOL and you should be exposed for being such a fool.

    • Are we having some problems with anger management tonight? I suggest you start making your counseling appointments.

      Out of an entire posting about Holmes, you targeted and focused completely on the two or three sentences I made about owning firearms – and I even CLEARLY stated that I have remained neutral and came from a gun-owning family myself.

      I look at the statistics of other countries with much more strict laws – as in no one may own a gun – they have a much lower murder rate than we do.

      When our forefathers penned the Second Amendment, I seriously doubt they even imagined such a thing as assault rifles and people entering into a school, or movie theater, or post office and opening fire on innocent people. I’m fairly certain they would put a kabosh to that behavior immediately. Muskets, as that is what they carried at that time, was a necessity to survival back than. Guns are not a necessity to survival now.

      Feel free to expose me. I love the exposure!!!! Then I can help get the word out and educate the weak minded and un- or ill-informed. So, please… expose me.

  2. I strongly disagree with your view on guns. If someone in the theater had a gun then the problem with Holmes would have been solved pretty quick. And if everyone carried a forearm who would have the guts to do such a thing? Do body would get away with this.

    • When listening to talk radio yesterday, the radio host – who is opposed to guns – commented that Holmes “would have killed a lot less people if he was carrying a club.” In all honesty though, I’m still undecided on gun laws – I can see both sides. Although I do believe there is no reason for a civilian to be able to buy an assault rifle. That firearm is created for one purpose only – to kill. Rifles (i.e. hunting rifles) and handguns should be what’s available.

      • maybe you should update yourself on different forms of guns before you attack “assault rifles.” Shotguns have various action forms such as single shot, semi-pump, double barrel, semi-auto loader, and full auto. Please look up saiga 12 gauge and aa-12 videos on youtube. Hand guns also have several various which include semi and automatic. Look up a glock 18. A maniac is a maniac, no matter what tool they choose to kill people with. The weapon every one seems to be blaming for this, is the one that jammed. The guns could have been the only thing that kept him from bombing the theater.

        • I will admit that I do not know very much at all about guns. But I cannot see any reason to own a gun or rifle that has a rapid firing action and holds a lot of ammo. The only purpose for guns like this are to kill people. They’re not for hunting. They’re not for skeet shooting. And as a type of defense against a mugger or attacker, five or six bullets will do the same job as 100 will – but just less messy. Unlike some people I know, I’m not to the point (yet) where I think we need to do away with all guns – we just need to apply some more common sense about what is available and why.

  3. If i read one more time.. “if everyone in the theatre carried a gun then the problem of holmes would of ended pretty quick” i am going to scream. How can anyone seriously think ANYONE stood a chance against that psycho!!! Not only are you in a dark, hazy movie theatre but you are talking about trying to take down a man with a semi automatic weapon wearing head to toe military bullet proof clothing!! PLEASE explain to me how anyone was going to have a chance against that man. I have said it once i will say again, IF anyone tried to take him in that theatre they would of been nothing more than victim #13!!!

    I have never paid any attention to our gun laws until this recent sick incident and i am madder then hell. I am appalled that our laws allow any tom, dick or jane to legally buy weapons that are not made for anything other than killing in mass quantities. I am in 100% agreement with everything said in this article. YES, sickos will still find ways to kill, but we have become a country where we just throw our hands up in the air and say… oh well we can’t control killings so lets give everyone access to whatever they hell they want, never question them, never put any rules in place cause oh well, they will just find another way to kill ppl. You gun lords that don’t understand that there is something seriously wrong with our country to allow this crap to be ordered online or in bass pro shops with no regulations what so ever are just as freaking nuts as this guy. Maybe if the next crazy decides to go on a spree (and you can be promised some freak WILL be doing this again as i am sure nothing will EVER freaking change) in your neighbor and kill one of your loved ones, maybe you will understand that something needs to be done! I have looked up statistics of deaths due to guns and Michelle is 100% correct, our nation leads in death rates due to gun killings!!! So how is it anyone believes we should not put some controls on this!

    • I hear ya. I’m tired of hearing that statement, too. The fact is people don’t pack guns. Most don’t want to. And even if they did, Holmes still would have had to shoot first in order to be shot at. And with an assault rifle, he would still have taken down many before he went down. And think about all the other incidences like this… Columbine, VA Tech, and Giffords…. With Giffords there WERE people there with guns as security and still she was shot. Carrying a gun as protection is not going to stop the aggressor. We need to implement offense as opposed to defense. Change the laws. I’m not saying to get rid of them all – my judgement is still out on that one. But there can definitely be some changes – and getting rid of being able to purchase assault rifles is a start. Those were created for one thing only – to kill people.

    • Um, no, he had a bullet proof vest on. He had a gas mask on. If he showed his gun to a 100 movie goers that looked at him unimpressed as they all cocked and aimed their pistols in the same direction, one thing is guaranteed to have happened….. he would have had between 85-100 bullets flying in his direction covering legs, arms, center mass, and face. He wouldn’t have lived, and the over all count would have been low if any at all. Obviously if I was sitting in the first row, I would have had a 45 on my side, and the second I saw him pull any gun, I would have point blank emptied on his head. No sense of center mass when you’re feet away. I don’t like when far left gun snatching liberals talk about subject they are highly ignorant about. Also, just because the name “Assault” appears next to “rifle” doesn’t make it any deadlier than any other rifle. Most are semi-automatic. Handguns are semi-automaticas well, so your use of the term semi-automatic as if we’re talking something special is confusing. The 2nd amendment was put into the constitution to give the people the power to keep a potential for a tyrannical government in check. It had nothing to do with survival, but had everything to do with taking out the enemy that sits in the white house should it be compromised by bad intentioned politicians.
      It’s appalling how some of your liberal kool aid drinkers are all about the violation of our 4th amendment rights when you act dumbfounded about why the kid’s emails and internet use wasn’t intercepted by the gestapo – DHS. The DOD has nothing to do with domestic issues, and the DHS is a waste of tax payer’s money, but go on supporting that thought with your ignorance. I wish far left and far right people would move out of the country and let the Libertarians and Constitutionalists stay behind so we could actually run this country the way it was supposed to be, free of people trying to give away more rights. You people would give away your liberties for a little security, but as they say, if you are willing to do that, you deserve neither!

  4. Absolutely sickened by some of the comments on here Michelle but then you know my opinion about guns..
    Sadly Melodic and Don you are fooled into thinking you have freedom.. you do not. America is controlled by huge corporations and the very rich who value money and power over everything else and you think you have rights… you are kept in fear
    America has an appalling record on human rights and I’m not going to list them you can do your own research but I will just say this.
    Nearly 50% of your older people live in poverty.
    Heterosexuals can know each other for a couple of weeks and marry and divorce a few days later but gay couples who have been together for 20 years cannot marry..
    Women have less and less rights over their own reproduction with more and more bills being passed across all states.
    Vast majority of guns in America are owned by men… ho hum! ( Maybe we need to put bromide in men’s tea!
    America exports more arms to more countries than most other countries put together and then fights wars with those countries who use the arms America provided them with, training their forces with deadly computer games… you don’t believe that? then watch this and tell me these men dont’ behave like they’re playing some kind of game! .. if you have the stomach for what war REALLY is..

    • Woo-hoo! Way to go Helen! Sadly, you are falling on deaf ears. They’ve all been so conditioned from the time they were in diapers, they can’t see the truth right in front of them – which it is. So many people believe we live in the greatest country in the world… well, there are some wonderful qualities to our country, but not near what people think. We are a country of “bullies” attacking other countries and lie to the public in order to do so. People like Melodic and Don think that we are better off if everyone carried guns to “cap” Holmes and others. Well, how about preventative measures… Holmes shouldn’t have been able to get a gun – especially an assault rifle – in the first place.

      I’ve seen that video before – actually about a year ago. Sad how people here think that stuff like that is put out by “paranoid conspiracy theorists.” Hopefully one day many will wake up and realize that many people were not conspiracy theorists but conspiracy realists – and that much of what they say is true. I don’t believe everything many say, but there’s a lot more truth than not.

        • sorry this should say gun laws are “now” much better rather than not.. amazing how 1 wrong letter can change the meaning to the opposite of what you are trying to say 1

        • Very true. I was wondering…. “now” makes much more sense than “not” because I was under the impression that those incidences are what dramatically changed the laws there. Sadly, with the power of the NRA here, I don’t have much optimism that we’ll see any changes as all.

  5. Melodic, you are delusional. This is not a made for tv movie or a video game. This is real life in a movie theatre filled with young women and children. Do you really believe that violence cures violence? If everyone whipped out their guns in mass meyhem, in the dark, choking on gas fumes, trying to get an aim at a mad man shooting out 50-60 rounds each minute the death toll would of been a lot higher. Had you had been sitting in the front seat with your 45 aiming at his head.. you would not of been victim #13, you would of been victim #1. You get your facts straight.. he wearing a ballistics helmet, bulletproof vest, bulletproof leggings, gas mask and gloves. He was covered head to toe to include his neck and his groin in bullet proof gear, all he obtained no questions asked legally over the internet. It is so sickenly disturbing how many people believe the only solution is for everyone to walk around a gun in their pocket instead of putting some very strict laws in place and make it very difficult for the general public to purchase one. How does your logic protect our kids when they go to school.. how many more guns will be lying around for little bobby to steal out of his daddy’s drawer or coat pocket and take to school and gun down his entire class. With the logic of you second ammendment crazies have, it means sometime in the near future instead of packing a sandwich for my first grader, i’ll be packing his lunchbox with a gun.

    • Well said Fedup and I’m glad you have joined the woken up about America’s gun laws discuss it plenty with everyone you know and do your bit towards change..

  6. Its too late for sweeping reform of gun laws.. My friend only works one day a month and made 220k last year. From gun shows. We have three times as many guns as people in the US. Everyone will be armed soon..out of necessity. Remember the two words that Evangelical right wing nuts hate is “Due Process”..Here in Pensacola Fl we have a war on Gynecologists.A womans clinic got firebombed last week .Even if guns were totally outlawed , nut jobs could stiil get them ..We have ZERO tolerance for drugs , but you can still buy any drug you want…

    • I don’t know what the answer is, nor do I doubt there is any answer that will be good for everyone or make everyone happy. But we need to do something. Just like our healthcare, this isn’t working the way it is.

  7. Michelle..I agree…Many people ignore the first four words, “A Well REGULATED(gee how some folks hate that word “Regulated” especially in the financial sector) Militia…But James Holmes nor Ted Nugent belong to a “Well regulated Militia”..

  8. Shudder? As in borderline psycho?…. or as in scantily clad Rockstar brandishing a bow, loincloth , and seething with vital secretions?

    • LOL… yeah, since he WAS a rock star at one point – my era, too… I shudder out of disgust, like seeing a bunch of maggots munching away at some torn flesh on some injured animal. The guy is wacko – and Cat Scratch Fever will never be the same.

    • I have to admit, not being a Nugent fan, other than knowing “Cat Scratch Fever,” I had too google “Wang Dang sweet Poontang.” Answer found. Meh… just didn’t care much for Nugent and still don’t.

  9. I apologize..I have a taste for the absurd..will delete if you want..i am guest here and I need to mind my manners

    • Awww… hell no. You’re fine. I’m not sure “guest” is the right word… not sure what would be. You are a person who has a voice and wants to be heard. An equal. Bad language is fine, but I will moderate derogatory comments – especially racial and sexist. Everyone is welcome to provide their own opinion – even the far right ;), just use common sense.

  10. On a different tack….I cannot condone what Mr. Holmes did, even if he was totally schizophrenic.. But I can understand what happened.. Remember two things about this killer.. he was a genius and he studied neuroscience…

    Mr. Holmes was probably genius at a very early age. What that means is, unless he went to an “X-Men” Type school, he was bullied. Constantly. After his matriculation from high school, he probablywanted to know “logical ” reasons on how to figure people out, i.e. an equation either stochiometric or algebraic so he could find out why people dont act reasonably..So he studies and studies and out performs every student with a pulse.. But what young Mr. Holmes hasnt realised or refuses to is that hard work and grades dont matter in this country anymore.. And he hates this. He graduates with honors and cant find a job, while “Calvert Worthington IV” gets an internship at Johns Hopkins..Ol Cal graduated with a 3.1……..Now he is put on miniscule lab projects and guess what..some of his undergrad research has gained notoriety and a professor is taking full credit.. Many..not all genuises are not equipped to roll with the punches.. They work 24/7 solving puzzles and cant understand why someone who plays golf with Pfizer gets all the credit…

    Just my .02 cents

    • Okay… First of all, the genius reference. I have not seen any IQ results, but it is safe to say that he is above 120 IQ due to his major and being an honor student. I don’t know if you recall in this article, but I am a tested genius as well, and in the upper “echelon,” according to Mensa. LOL… this doesn’t pertain to Holmes here, but my grades sucked! I would get about halfway through the semester and get bored so I would stop studying. Anyway, back to the topic. Like many, I was a bit of an outcast when growing up. I remember asking questions in school that everyone thought was so stupid and they’d all laugh. I finally had one teacher pull me aside – my French teacher – and explain to me to not worry that what I’m asking is actually above what most others can understand, so they would treat me as stupid. Sure, it hurt. But honestly, by the time I was a senior in high school, I actually realized I am who I am and no longer cared what the “popular” or “cool” people thought. I had also realized by then that most of them would go nowhere… get married out of high school, have babies early and work shit jobs. And, for the most part, I was right. Back then, I felt more of a self-gratification. Now, I just rather feel sorry for many of them. But high school has always been just a passing phase – I was able to see beyond high school whereas so many people feel that is their “peak” in life.

      My point being here is just because someone may be different intelligence wise is absolutely no reason nor cause to do what Holmes has done.

      I do see your point about difficulty with finding a job, but with the major he was studying, he pretty much has to get his PhD before he can work in Neurosciences. So I’m not sure that was an issue with him – at least not a major issue.

      You mention solving puzzles… that has always been one of my favorite things to do in life. Age has definitely slowed my mind along with some health problems. But this is part of the reason I am so obsessed, for lack of a better word, with Holmes… I’m trying to solve a puzzle of “why???” I’m so anti-violence I just cannot imagine doing what he has done. Now, many of the mass shooters have displayed and been diagnosed with mental problems, depression, etc. in their past. Not so with Holmes. And I just watched an interview on CNN and some man (I missed the intro) who had done some research into Holmes grad work said that if there had been any mental problems showing that the staff, advisors and professors would have noticed it. That major is a small community – only about 6 if I heard and understood correctly. And no one within his curriculum saw any signs.

      Because most of us cannot understand or comprehend doing something like this, we are so quick to assume he must have some mental problems or disorders. We cannot fathom, or don’t want to admit, that Holmes did this because he wanted to and nothing more than that. Which is what I am leaning towards. His family is not dysfunctional. Sure, he’s been a quiet and more withdrawn person most of his life, but so was I and so are many of my friends. Introverted geeks tend to draw towards one another like magnets. 🙂

      So, I am thinking he just wanted to do this. Perhaps he was just fed up with society, which our society is not what it used to be when I was younger. Life just is much more stressful these days. It also may have been a tempting major challenge for him – to be able to plan, prepare and execute all that he did. And he did quite a bit! Especially that apartment of his. Very impressive work. But a couple things spoiled it for him… the rifle jamming, and I truly think he planned for someone to open his apartment door thus triggering an explosion resulting in the police, firemen, etc. all being busy and slower to respond to the theater.

      What isn’t making sense to me is his hair…. I cannot imagine him as wanting to play role model in this massacre. Also, when watching him in court, there were many times I saw what I thought was guilt and “oh shit, what have I done what have I done” on his face. I don’t think he will be able to live with himself now that he’s done the deed.

      There is my 4 cents worth.

  11. Michelle…that was “on the money” so to speak” My I.Q. , when last tested was 105.. I worked in science for awhile, now I am a Captain of a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico.. I worked for a PHD who had developed a test for Paraquat from confiscated Marijuana samples (remember Regans war on drugs, put some herbicide on the plants that will make people sick) that did not work whatsoever. It was a TLC test (Thin Layer Chromatography) that even when we spiked the samples ….it did not work. But there was a lot of Regan/Government money at stake. So I had to falsify results…Being at sea , at dawn, with a hot cuppa java and taking a sextant sight in place of a GPS has its own reward..
    Hey How can I put a picture of me and my cat “Sidney Mouse” in the Avatar?
    Thank you for your replies…

    • How cool! Thousand question time… are you at sea now? Docked? On land? Do you get internet when you are out at sea? And, if you don’t mind me asking, what type of vessel are you the captain of? A large crew? You did kinda lose me about the science testing… not quite sure what you were getting at there. And for an avatar, I’m pretty sure if you use Gravatar, you will be able to have your avatar image. That’s what we use for WordPress. Here is the link… it’s easy:

  12. AB is Able Bodied seaman..Nope not the Chippendale ones!! HA! …..Sig Is the Captain on the Northwestern of “Deadliest Catch ” Fame…

  13. OK, finally someone talking about analyzing this guy without scorn first..
    for some reason, i am unable to hate him.. although what he did was hateful, and if he gets death sentence, so be it. But i think something went very bizarre. He is not Dylan klebold or mcveigh..
    his research interests about temporal illusion, reality etc.. seem to be very related to what happened. i think he took his mind to some other level and then badly lost it ( i am just wildly speculating).. and a mix of schizophrenia. or something on those lines.. and the intense dark knight. mind you, that joker is probably the most intense and philosophical villains ever created.
    Lot of self righteous people are talking about giving him no media space and they have a point.. but i dont think this was just an attempt at being ‘(in) famous.. i suspect something deep lurks here. i hope he is made to talk..
    It is unfortunate that this bright guy turned out like this.. but then again, at sentencing, he did kill that 6 year old, and there is a price to pay, and death will not be unfair, i guess.. but no torture.

    • Great comment! Thanks so much for sharing!! I don’t hate him either, but I don’t necessarily like him. I am indifferent towards him. I’m sure that will change as time goes on and we (hopefully) get to hear him speak and defend himself. I have a feeling that he’s going to get caught up in the system and either never go to trial, or it will be many years before he does.

      I’ve wondered about that temporal illusions, too. He states in his speech to a science camp when he was 18 that “temporal illusion helps you change the past.” So, is this an experiment and he will now, or eventually, go back and change the past?

      Well, I hope he’s right…. I would love to see that night changed and nothing happened except an audience enjoyed the movie.

  14. During his hearing, it is eveident that he is on Bezodiazipines…To impart apathy… Why? What I am fixing to say next wont make any sense to intelligent people… To prevent suicide. Why prevent suicide if the state is wanting the death penalty? Because suicide cheats people out of justice… That is crazy unless one reads the Beatitudes.

  15. It’s incredible we live in a world where some countries allow one to buy an assault rifle but ban one from buying Ecstasy

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