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Tax Returns: Romney’s vs Buying a House | Humor

What is so VERY sad is that this is true. Ironically true. It needs to be required that anyone who registers as a presidential candidate MUST disclose his/her last 14 years of tax returns.


  1. “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes…” – Leona Helmsley

    “We don’t show 14 tax returns, Only the little people show 14 tax returns” – Mitt Romney???

    At least Helmsley was actually investigated and convicted of Federal Income Tax Evasion – but that was back in 1989. How archaic… Convicting a wealthy and privileged member of the One Percent, of Federal Tax Evasion? Why what an outrageous idea! Those days are long gone.

    • And Ann Romney’s comment, “…we’ve given YOU people all you need to know.” “YOU” people???? Like she’s Marie Antoinette or something….. Her as First Lady would be a huge insult to all the First Ladies before her. She’s rich white trash in my opinion.

      • Yeah, I saw that too, and my immediate impression was very similar – It was like… “So the mask of fake civility comes off, and the arrogance of entitlement and privilege rears it’s ugly head, speaking the contemptuous truth of what they really think of “us people”. I guess that Ann Romney thinks that “We the people…” are here to serve her, and it’s high time that we are reminded of our place.

        • She’s nothing more than rich, white trash. I have no respect whatsoever for her and could give a rat’s ass about her money. Money cannot buy what is inside a person, and she is empty inside – and hollow-headed.

  2. This is so true. I had to show two years of returns to by my home. This guy is a card… The Fool in the deck.

  3. I have a wager with a liberal though naive friend. I put $25 on Romney TO WIN. I am only hoping that I have the joy of “paying Up”. Phillip

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