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Animated Gif’s of Cats, Dogs and a Few Other Critters

Time to post these animated gif’s. They’ve been in my folder collecting and there’s enough now – and it’s time to clean out my blogging folder. Hope you enjoy! There are some cuties.


In May, I had posted “The Matrix Cat” which appears to be the same cat as below,
but taken from a different angle.


Caffeine and cats just should not be mixed….


Now THIS cat is spoiled – and well trained! A cat elevator all to itself….


This is just an “awwww… how cute” animated gif of some baby pygmy goats….


This Boston Terrier looks like he’s tweaking bad….


I LOVE this! I used to have a Siberian Husky that would do the same thing.
I’d let her run in the field in Indiana where the grass was taller than her.
When she spotted a field mouse, she would pounce just like this.


Great joke the news cast pulled.


I wonder if there is catnip at the top of the slide….


This Sheltie can ride a skate board better than I can….




And lastly, the zero-gravity dog. I have posted this before,
but it will always be my favorite. LOL… I have a pilot cousin
who did the same thing to me when we were up in a 4-seater.


  1. Oh good grief Michelle. I swear that I had the first housefly of the season land on my monitor just before I came to this post, and I damned near swatted my monitor again when I saw the fly GIF at the top! 😯

    I’m a huge fan (i.e., “crazy hoarder of”) of Animated GIFs. The zero-gravity dog is cool, but the cat elevator and the Boston Terrier are pretty cool too! 😀

    • That fly one is much better if my theme didn’t put the border around it. But I wasn’t going to go into the CSS and remove the border for that. I like the border normally.

      Glad you like them! Save away.

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