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British Newspapers Field Day with Romney’s Gaffes | The Sun: “Mitt the Twit”

Day two has passed for Mitt Romney’s trip to London, and the media is having a field day. They have even come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney is worse than Sarah Palin. Ouch!!! That has to hurt! And for the cover of The Sun to headline “Mitt the Twit”…. oh, boy oh boy. It’s just best for Romney to leave the country with his tail tucked between his legs and return home to his two daddies – the Koch Brothers. I have been laughing so hard at Mitt’s gaffes, but in all seriousness, this is horribly embarrassing – even for Obama supporters, like myself, who revels when Romney puts his foot in his mouth. Why should we be so embarrassed? Because we are showing the world the type of fool who is running for President of the United States. This was the best of the Republican Party??? Completely and totally humiliating.

Today, Mitt did a major faux pas – he mentioned a meeting with the MI6 – Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service – which is a heavily guarded secretive organization among the Brits. As The Guardian pointed out, MI6 was not officially acknowledged until 1994. “For our American readership, this isn’t like bragging you just met David Petraeus [current director of the CIA]. The British take on the national secret intelligence service comes with an extra-heavy dollop of the whole secret thing,” the Guardian’s Tom McCarthy wrote.

In my opinion, the only reason Mitt mentioned this was an attempt to brag about who he met with in order to impress American voters that he discussed Syria and other international affairs with one of the most secretive agencies in the UK.


MI6: What Romney said, and MI6’s reaction

According to the Wall Street Journal Blog:

LONDON–Mitt Romney met privately with the head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service — also known as the MI6 — Thursday to discuss the civil unrest in Syria.

“I appreciated the insights and perspectives of the leaders of the government here and opposition here as well as the head of MI6,” Mr. Romney told reporters Thursday. “We discussed Syria and the hope for a more peaceful future for that country.”

But MI6 chief Sir John Sawers’s meetings are often conducted quietly, and afterwards, neither MI6 or the Romney campaign would confirm or deny the meeting.

“Sir John Sawers meets with lots of people,” said an aide in Britain’s foreign press office, “but we don’t give a running commentary of any of these meetings.”

The meeting with the MI6 chief wasn’t disclosed in the list of scheduled visits released to the press and only came to light after the Republican presidential hopeful mentioned it in a brief press conference outside of 10 Downing Street.

After Mr. Romney mentioned the meeting, his campaign declined to discuss it further. “The governor expressed who he met with today,” said a senior adviser who is traveling with Mr. Romney.

Sara Murray covers the 2012 presidential campaign. Follow her on Twitter @SaraMurray.


A London Blogger

I found a blogger out of London who wrote:

It has been widely reported already in the US that Mitt Romney’s first foreign trip as a US Presidential candidate… did not go well.

But my suspicion is that a lot of my friends in America who are accustomed to “he said, she said” news coverage might suspect that this disaster is being blown out of proportion by the schadenfreude of delighted Obama supporters.

As your woman on the ground here in the UK, I want to assure you: IT REALLY IS THAT BAD. Here below are the Romney headlines in every British Newspaper this morning.

So here are several images of the Romney headlines…. Plus a few other photos with captions….

The Sun “Mitt the Twit: Wannabe President in Games insult..but Cam insists: We’ll show you”


The Sun website as covered and shown by CNN


The Daily Mirror “You’re Rom, Mitt! PM hits back at Games doubter”


The Guardian “Mitt falls at the first hurdle”


The Independent article “Romneyshambles: Mitt begins his trip with a swipe at London.” This is what started the #romneyshambles Twitter hash tag.


The Independent cover


The Daily Mail “Who invited party-pooper Romney?”


The Times “PM [Prime Minister] delivers Olympic putdown to Romney”


The Times ” ‘Nowhere man’ Romney loses his way with gaffe about the Games”






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  1. I don’t know what’s worse: That Mitt is so privileged he has no idea how to present himself properly, or that his handlers have no idea how to handle him.
    Mitt’s attempt to out-shine Obama’s triumphant trip to Europe four years ago is just pathetic. And if he bombs this badly with one of our “closest allies” what’s he going to do when he visits Israel? I bet it will be the equivalent of taking a shit in the punch bowl!

  2. If this is how Mitt acts when he visits one of our **closest allies** I can only imagine what he’ll do when he gets to Israel. It will be the equivalent of taking a shit in the punch bowl!

  3. he says lots of things and he dont know what his talking about. I maybe high school graduate,mitt the twitt better know of whats hes going to talk about next real good ,I dont want to go to war with syria. lots of our men died for our country.and maybe yo’all mitt the twitt better learn of whats going with our country (USA) zenybaby girl

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