Shark does backflips just like a dolphin | Video

I do not know the story behind this video, but it’s pretty cool to watch. A shark jumps out of the water seven times, and each time does a somersault — just like a dolphin.

One of the guys in the boat is, well, very excited. He yells, “Oh my god” nearly every flip the shark does, and he’s loud. So you may want to turn the volume down a bit – or turn it up so it will sound like he’s right next to you yelling in your ear if you want.

“But seriously, don’t let that thing on the boat.”


Shark doing somersaults is almost as cool as the guy in the video thinks

Source: The Chive


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  1. Wish that my eyes weren’t immediately assaulted by the vomiting scene on the ad for our buddy Daniel Tosh, but the shark jumping was pretty spectacular. But if I watch it again, I’ll keep the sound off, cause that guy on the boat sounded like he might be president of the Daniel Tosh fan club, and annoying as hell.

  2. My 9 year old grandson came over to see what I was watching and asked if it was a dolphin. I told him it was a shark and he asked me if I was sure. He knows that out of character for a shark.

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