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Olympic History in Photos: 1908 | Humor

Posted by a friend on mine on Facebook, here we have a photo of the 1908 Gold Medalist in Levitation. Levitation was one of the most sought after gold medals for many decades. However, it began fading out shortly after 1940 – the opening of the first McDonalds, which was the Dick and Mac McDonald Bar-B-Q restaurant in San Bernardino CA.

The athletes of the sport of Levitation fought to keep it alive, but sadly the ability to levitate quickly became extinct after 1948. This has been correlated to the point in time when McDonald’s Bar-B-Q changed to McDonalds Famous Hamburgers and reduced their menu to nine items, including the 15-cent hamburger. The fat intake from these sandwiches, as well as from the rapidly growing variety of fast food restaurants all over the world, was simply too much on the human body.

Levitation is now just a memory in our Olympic history books thanks to photos like this.


Hey, someone send me some White Castles… we don’t have them here in the Southwest. Thanks! I have a hankerin’ for some after reading about Mickey D’s.

McDonalds History Timeline

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  1. Wow, looks like I really missed out on the good old days. It would take some serious drugs to get that high these days! 😆

    The McD’s timeline thing is really cool! 😀

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