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Racism Alive and Kicking in the South | Black Couple’s Wedding Banned by Baptist Church

I was shocked! Completely shocked and appalled to read that a black couple – not a bi-racial, not a same-sex couple – a black man and woman were denied by the congregation to be wed in the Baptist Church they attended.

The Wilsons attended a predominantly white First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, MS, but were not actually members of the church. The wedding day was set, invitations sent, but the day before the wedding was to take place, the pastor of the church gave Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson the shocking bad news.

“The church congregation had decided no black could be married at that church, and that if he went on to marry her, then they would vote him [the pastor] out the church,” said Charles Wilson.

The church’s pastor, Dr. Stan Weatherford, says he was taken by surprise by what he calls a small minority against the black marriage at the church. Weatherford went on and performed the Wilson’s wedding at a nearby church.

Black wedding banned by Baptist church in Jackson, MS


What the hell? Did we just jump back fifty years into the Civil Rights era? What is next, segregation on who can sit where in the church? Naturally everyone is free to believe what they want to, no matter how hateful and ignorant it may be, but to directly affect the lives of others, deciding on where they can NOT be married, all because of one’s own racism is completely wrong. The pastor’s reaction, in my opinion, was out of line, as well. He did not stand up for the Wilson’s due to being threatened by the racist members of the church that they would vote him out if he allowed the wedding to be performed.

And where is the love for all of mankind which are the teachings of Jesus? The time for picking and choosing what one wants to use from the bible must end. The hate must end. The ignorance – the racism – must all come to an end else we will destroy ourselves.

The pastor did not do what was right and I feel the Wilson’s have a major lawsuit against the church and the pastor. And I would love for this couple to be able to renew their vows in this church and at least become the first black couple to renew their vows. For whatever reason, they liked this church and that is where they wanted to get married.

Since the incident occurred, Charles Wilson has received mixed reaction since the WLBT story about his wedding controversy aired.

“I’ve had some to tell me that it’s not a big deal, that we shouldn’t have pushed it, that we’ll open up a can of worms, that we should just really let it die down. But the other side of it is, those wonderful folks that have came to me and said I’m so happy that someone spoke up about it, come to our church.”

I say to stand up for your rights. And in this case, not just as an equal – which you should NOT have to do today – but as a superior soul over the ignorant racist white trash that have hearts full of hatred.

Thank you, Captn Dog, for sending me the link for this story. I am terribly sorry you have to live among the ignorant white trash. During my two years living in the deep south in Alabama, I saw this hateful racism on a daily basis. I thought I have traveled back in time to the Civil War. The trailer trash and the old southern white money all go to church on Sunday preaching their love, but as soon as they walk out the door, they leave the love behind.

And for the voters out there… this is what the Tea Party is about. Remember that when you go to the polls come November. Is this the America you want running our government? We have the ability to vote out the ignorance and hatred, so just do it.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana, 1905

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  1. I say the pastor needs to be voted out anyhow and the members need to be dipped in a fresh pool of holy water. This kinda slanted Christianity is what justified slavery.

  2. I’m not suprise or shocked, had this happened four years ago, shocked, because I felt we had come past this. Since President OBAMA has taken office and racist remarks by Fox news and the rightwing talk radio is accepted by the GOP without correction or shame, this is normal behavior in republican controlled states. This pastor did not nor would not stand up for what would have been the right thing to do, marry them in the church.

  3. America claims to be the greatest nation on earth,but this is shameful,and as long the GOP can behave like they do and endorse Willard,there’s a long way to go.

    • Oh, we are NOT the “greatest” nation on earth. But then I suppose it depends on what you want in life…. To rule the populations, even though you have no political position to do so, but merely because you are rich and call the shots, then yes, this is the nation for you. It is the land that allows psychopaths like Romney to profit from the misery of others.

  4. I grew up in this pile of shit…..Remember…rich white people actually OWN southern evangelical chuches..It was the owners that told them no…

  5. Job well Cat Stevie Mouse deleted the “done” and Wonder if Chick Fil-a refused to cater it.. The Cherry Pickers came up with the same ambiguious scriptures to exclude Blacks as they do nowadays. What is ironic is that when Pat Robertson comes up with an obscure news story about Atheists wanting to get rid of Christmas, him and Fox News acy as though its a nationwide conspiracy, even though its an isolated incident and embellished to the nth degree. This is not obscure..Remember we had an entire civil war about this,when southern evangelicals thought that African Americans made good farm equipment. Thank You Michelle!

    • Hey, I’m seeing references to Dan Cathy’s father, Truett, having had ties with the KKK back in the mid-60’s and support Jim Crow laws. But I can only find mentionings – no solid sources. Do you know of any? Or help me find any? I swear to Horus, I will never eat Chick-fil-A again.

  6. Just for the record…..Christians are not anywhere remotely related to White Southern Evangelicals.. I have many Christian friends that are as repulsed about this as I am. They have Gays,African Americans, Asians,and all people that want to share love,forgiveness, and FAMILY VALUES, meaning we can all be happy……I ll hush now

    • Although I do pride myself at knowing more about the bible and I’m an atheist than most Christians do, I am not very strong in differentiating between the churches – so I do apologize to anyone on my naive nature if I wrongfully accuse.

  7. I am a transplant to alabama. This mess is WRONG!!! When is it going to stop?? I do my best not to judge but darnit this makes me angry!!! I wish this couple PEACE and Love no matter how they choose to deal with this. If I could I would make a Happy place just for them .(steam is coming out of my ears) ..Ok I will stop and go play with my puppy…..:(

  8. I felt the same way you do the Pastor should have preformed the ceremony and let the congregation fire him. I’m sure another church would of open their arms to him. He should of set the example.

    • @ Silent..The Pastor of a Southern Baptist Church is an “Indentured servant”. The old money that owns the building and his house stipulates the Pastors doctrine. He has hungry mouths to feed. There is nothing as belittling ,occupation wise as being a Pastor or a High School Football Coach in the south..Thank you for your post

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