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Chick-fil-A has Donated Millions of Dollars to Anti-Gay and Hate Groups

ABQ NM protest

Recently, the current COO of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, has declared publicly that he is opposed to same-sex marriages. On July 16, Cathy appeared in The Baptist Press:

“We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit,” Cathy said. “We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.”

Since then, a flood of reactions have occurred both supporting and opposing Dan Cathy and his restaurant, Chick-fil-A. Included are: Jim Henson Company pulling their toys from the restaurant; Former GOP presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum declaring today, August 1st, as “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day”; and the Mayors of both Boston and Chicago openly stating the Chick-fil-A is not welcome in their cities.

Chick-fil-A has grown into a multi-billion dollar chain with 1,614 restaurants as of April, 2012. The Cathy family has deep roots in the Southern Baptist Church and have both founded and donated to several organizations of which are clearly anti-gay. In fact, the Atlanta-based fast food chicken restaurant that specializes in Christianity, has used its more than 1600 outlets to fuel its zest for stopping same-sex marriage, spending $5 million between 2003 and 2010 on anti-gay organizations and hate groups, including $2 million in 2010 alone.

The WinShape Foundation is Chick-fil-A’s charitable arm, created by Chick-fil-A founder and chairman S. Truett Cathy in 1984. In 2010, WinShape donated $1,974,380 to a number of anti-gay groups:

• Marriage & Family Foundation: $1,188,380
• Fellowship Of Christian Athletes: $480,000
• National Christian Foundation: $247,500
• New Mexico Christian Foundation: $54,000
• Exodus International: $1,000
• Family Research Council: $1,000
• Georgia Family Council: $2,500

In fact, Family Research Council’s president, Tony Perkins openly stated that, “They [homosexuals] are intolerant. They are hateful. They are vile. They are spiteful…pawns of the enemy.” You will hear him declare this at 0:43, as well as “many gays have an ’emptiness within them'” (:55) because they are “operating outside of nature” (1:09):

YouTube video: Perkins: Gay Activists Are Intolerant, Hateful, Vile and Pawns of the Devil


With all this information surfacing recently, there is one thing I will state for certain – I will never give one more cent to Chick-fil-A. Oh, sure, I enjoy their waffle fries which most fast-food restaurants do not have. But I can definitely live without them. It absolutely repulses me to know that my previous purchases have gone towards various hate-groups from Chick-fil-A. Well, no more. Will the Cathy’s miss my money? Of course not. But at least I have a clean conscience that I am no longer contributing towards ignorance and hatred. This is 2012 – I would have thought by now that, as a society, we would have advanced much further than we currently have. Of course, bigotry and racism will never be wiped out, but the volume that is still present is frightening.

To close this out, I would like to share some of the comments, both for and against Chick-fil-A, which have been left on the Facebook page, “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day“. Since this is a public event, I am leaving the names intact:

David Gordon Went by our local Chick-fil-a and bought our lunch for today. enjoyed it. Thanks to Mr. Cathy for standing up and being counted for the right. From what i saw here, there are a lot more people that agree with his viewpoint than i thought. Lines were long in all directions.

D-train Squillante mmmm, chicken that tastes like bigotry….my favorite.

Karen Witt Hubbard Hey Ashley just wanted you know I’m sitting in line at Chick-Fil-A 1/2 mile away from the drive through. You have inspired me & so many others. Rock on! God is sooooo Good! [Note: Karen changed her profile picture to the Chick-fil-A logo]

Josh Howatt I can only imagine the kind of progress that could have been realized today, had these thousands of people who spent hours waiting in line donated the cost of their lunch to something that truly demonstrates Biblical, CHRIST-like principles such as taking care of the homeless, food-less, family-less, those living in poverty stricken countries, or helping to advance cures for those suffering from terminal illnesses. That would have truly been a miracle. And THAT would have truly made God proud. Not this.

Chris Forbes Good food. Take that ACLU. Take that homosexual community. America has spoken. Take your agenda elsewhere.

AdAm Santo fuck you Huckabee, your promoting hate and bigotry while embracing those who seek to deny equality to all.

Sarah Palin… somehow this does not surprise me

References and related articles:

Wikipedia: Chick-fil-A
Wikipedia: S. Truett Cathy
The New Civil Rights Movement: Chick-Fil-A Has Spent $5 Million On Groups Trying To Stop Gay Marriage
Equality Matter: Chick-fil-A facts and numbers
CNN: Eat Mor Chikin: Chick-fil-A’s stance on same-sex marriage faces test
DailyKos: Chick-Fil-A story is about so much more than just ‘marriage’ and ‘speech’ Tony Perkins


  1. So, those organizations list above are GAY hate groups?
    And using our logic ( and your not alone) if an American believes in the Bible and tries to live by the bible that person has to be an anti gay bigot? If this person donates to causes based on biblical values again that person is a bigot. My pastors son is a 40 something gay man who attends church at our church, had 2 adopted kids and ownes a flower shop. Not one person in our church or as far as I have ever heard any where has a problem with him.

    • I am not fond of using the term “hate group” simply because with some organizations it is too strong of a word. However, when you have the President of one of those organizations, the Family Research Council. making statements like Tony Perkins did in that video, then yes, in my opinion, that is a hate group. He purposely segregated a type of individual from society based upon their sexual preference and called them “vile” among other terms. That is not necessary. If an organization focuses on what they are developed for, in this case it appears family values, then that is what they should be focusing on and not targeting gays. Those were very mean and hateful statements Perkins made and certainly do not follow the overall foundation of the bible, which is to love thy neighbor and not to judge others else ye be judged.

      The bible is full of contradictions – and groups like this pick and choose what they want to serve their needs. If people live by the word of the bible, then god allows a father to sell her daughter. Our society rejects this passage of the bible, so why cannot people reject “man shall not lay down with man”? Jesus loved all, even the lepers. So to say the things that Perkins said, he is stating that he believes that homosexuals are “below” the lepers. We are all equal and should love one another for who they are, and Perkins does not preach an overall love of all mankind. He is judgmental and hateful. People and organizations like this are of no overall benefit to society when the target a group of “vile” people and teach hate towards them.

      BTW… thank you for commenting. I love when people share their opinions in an civil adult manner, regardless of whether they are pro, con, or undecided about the article topic.

  2. @ Michelle at Motley News Perkins was talking about the gay protesters not all gays. He also felt that no matter what Homosexuals should be treated with compassion and love. Perkins also stated that he feels the protests are a part of someone else’s agenda which has spread fear to possible attain what they want.(which may or may not be true). I don’t understand how it can be said that Perkins is the leader of a hate group. nowhere has he said if you see a homosexual punch them in the face or don’t ever help or touch a homosexual. I personally am for gay marriage but being mad a company who doesn’t and still serves everyone equally, well that is like saying lets protest everyone who likes the color green because it is not the same as my favorite color. I respect your opinion just as you would respect mine. People are a contradiction so is the bible. Just remember not all good is good in nature.

    • Thanks for commenting, Joe. Just calling someone “vile” because they’re a homosexual is actually worse than being punched. I was married to an abusive man for four years before I finally drove away with nothing more than a suitcase. Although his physical abuse was not very often, his emotional abuse was daily. That hurts more than the punches and body slams I got from him. Although I am a very strong-minded stubborn person, and am thankful that I never took his name-calling and put-downs personally. I would just nod my head and wait until he drank himself to sleep.

      If Perkins is saying that he feels the protests are a part of someone else’s agenda, then yes, he is spreading fear in order to control. Fear is a very powerful tool to those in control. Just look at how our government has gotten so many people to fear Muslims.

      There are proper times and places for everything. And Cathy making the statement he did was inappropriate, not necessary for running a business, and hurt a lot of people. No, I cannot respect his business anymore. To me, I feel it has been founded with hatred – not entirely of course, but hatred towards homosexuals.

  3. When you take remarks out of context and post profanity to your site, you hurt your cause with in the mind of any mature, adult reader who reads your comments. It is better to remain silent than to cause people to doubt the positions of those who have like beliefs. After reading what you wrote, I begin to doubt the position of those who agree with you. And I believe in gay rights and the rights of states to vote to allow (or disallow) gay marriage.

    • Hi, Mike. Honestly, you have completely lost me. Please clarify so I may better understand. What remarks have I made out of context? And other than the Facebook comment with profanity – which happens to be the very last comment on this page – where was I using profanity? Yes, sometimes I do, but it’s my site and I feel it is justified when I do. Lastly, I clearly support LGBT equality and I am totally missing where in this posting leads to any confusion as to who my support is with.

      I do disagree that this should be up to the states. The only reason why marriage is currently legal in all states between man and a woman is purely due to biblical reasons. Just think, if the bible never existed to tell us “man and woman” and “man is not to lie down with man” then would we not openly have a relationship with whomever we are attracted to and love? With this in mind, our country was founded upon the separation of church and state. By not allowing gay marriage, this is not a separation between the two. Therefore, my personal opinion is that it should be a federal law that a marriage may be homosexual in nature just as much as heterosexual. Now, I do firmly believe that it is up to any given church whether or not they will honor a gay marriage. But a couple does not need to be married in a church.

      Remain silent? Sorry, but no way on that one. I will no longer hide under a rock like I used to and think everything is okay, and that there’s nothing I can do anyway if there’s something I disagree with. In other words, I am no longer a sheeple.

      Please, Mike. Do let me know what I have taken out of context, the profanity (if other than the FB comment), and your confusion on doubting that I support gay marriage. Thanks for commenting and hope to hear back from you.

  4. It appears that in many differences of opinion, both sides are eventually tarred with the same brush! Why else would the third option be to keep quiet? Phillip

    • Mmmmm… it’s been interesting with this post. Looks like I’m a close-minded bigot that curses and I need to keep my mouth shut. Well, when it comes to targeting the LGBT community and not treating them as equal, then I suppose I am a close-minded bigot. C’est la vie.

      • Dear Michelle, I had acquaintance who went to law school and in “Weasel 101” the first thing he learned were the three possible responses (besides “I can’t recall”. There is YES. There is NO. There is SILENCE. Is this the response of one with no spine or no brain? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe there is another and kinder reason.

        I will always talk to you. Phillip….after all, we “bigots” really should have each others backs. I guess it depends on the particularly deluded belief that we presumably hold in common.


        PS Whenever the Olympics come around there is always controversy concerning who is what gender on a genetic level. This is not at all as cut and dried as you may think. My favorite is a person presenting as a tall and often attractive “person” (attractive is an integral part of the identification) with LONG limbs and long fingers and toes. Unusual in appearance but far from someone who is pointed out on a daily basis. This person is (I guess) somewhat ambiguous in sexual identity. I believe (I am not absolutely sure on this point) unable to conceive although everything seems to be working just fine. These people almost never know their genetic “curiosity”, they marry and live their lives as women and they may well be women depending on who you ask. They have an XY chromosome,making them men, but like the diabetic who cannot utilize INSULIN they cannot utilize TESTOSTERONE; of which they have plenty. Hence, they present as female and only suspicion and genetic sleuthing can uncover the perhaps irrelevant answer. THEY ARE ALLOWED TO compete as women in the Olympics as they derive no performance enhancement from testosterone they cannot use.

        The question for you macho guys is what would you do after twenty years of REAL wedded bliss? I WOULD take the third answer of silence and adopt. Most of you know by now that a devoted woman (who loves you) is almost impossible to find.

        Sincerely, (with lots of thought), Phillip

        PS If I have this all bass-akwards and wrong; please forgive and view it as a cautionary tale somewhere on the continuum of “who exactly are you anyway”?

        • I’m going to be straight-up here, Philip… you intrigue me but yet you leave me completely confused. You often speak in riddles and I often just don’t understand what you’re saying. But that is me… I just prefer when people are straight up because my mind has a horrible way of taking vague statements and turning them into the worst spaghetti bowl of twists you ever saw. So, having said that… I’m not real sure what you were getting at. (I feel so stupid sometimes).

  5. I think, as the leader of a multi-billion dollar corporation, he should have not only vetted those that he donates money to (to assure they aren’t active in anti-anything) but also been a lot more diplomatic in his wording. He had a great chance to deliver a PSA about tolerance that he missed. I wish people in positions of power like that would take a stance on tolerance of all mankind, rather than leaning right or left. It’s sad, really.

    He has a right to his opinion, but so does everyone else in the world. Shoving an agenda down anyone’s throat is wrong no matter how you look at it. Just like gays don’t want to be told they’re wrong, neither does anyone else. It’s acceptance on the highest level. I don’t know if humanity will ever get there and that saddens me. No judgement, love your fellow man, and always live by the Golden Rule. Mr. Cathy didn’t consider the ramifications of his words nor the impact they will have on the millions of Chick-Fil-A workers or franchise owners, he just stated a very unwavering opinion.

    Gays are people, too. They deserve respect just like anyone else.

    Great post. You gave me information I didn’t have before.

  6. Michelle, thanks be to Google for leading me to your page! I’ve learned so much here, primarily that in reading all about this issue, it is not about “free speech” or “religion” it is about hate. Worse, it’s about hiding that hate behind supposed good intentions (donating). I fully support all my LGBT friends and family and if nothing else, I’m grateful (gag) to Mr. Cathy for bringing this issue into a much larger spot light, and hopefully it will stay there!!! Nice job!

  7. Michelle,

    Sometimes I am not sure what I am getting at myself. I tend to get off point and just write. I like writing, but one should be able to understand what I am saying and not what I may or may not be getting around too. Straight up it is. It will be something of a new experience for me. One thing; it will be shorter.

    Sorry, Phillip

    PS You are not the first person to get a bit lost amidst the text. You were certainly more tactful.

  8. Michelle,

    The machine I use for Email has a four by seven inch screen and my browser is often slandered as it is a FireFox 2. The machine isn’t really a computer; it is something called a net book and I can’t load anything…I’ve tried and I had competent help. However; There is now an Ipad in the house (that I must learn about). Perhaps a photo or two or three later? Just think; not over a thousand or more confusing words; Just a photo. I have decades of photography experience. Something uplifting?


    PS Not tomorrow and probably not even next month.

  9. It’s really quite simple human rights should be the same for ALL human beings..
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which Americas own Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the drafter states –
    The very 1st 2 articles are –

    1 “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”

    Article 2.
    •Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

  10. Check out this Viewpoint, Christians dont belong in this worlds Political issues and ways of government, will try to keep it short, hopefully it will come out right. This is only good if one is a Christian, otherwise probably a waste of time to read it.

    1. Satan is the god of this world- -2 Cor.4:4 “Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God”.
    John 12:31 Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the PRINCE of this WORLD will be driven out. There are many more, but hope this is enough.

    2. So, every nation, government and so on are his–Matthew 4:8-9 ..”the devil took Him up into an exceeding high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; and said unto Him, All these things will I give you, if you will fall down and worship me”-Christ NEVER said that they were NOT for him to give or that they DIDN’T belong to him. This is usually called the Temptation of Christ, if they really didn’t belong to Satan and they weren’t his to give, where’s the temptation

    3. So Christians are not to be involved in the worlds political issues or wars ( how does that fit in Love your enemy, feed, clothe and so on)–John 18:36 “Jesus answered, MY KINGDOM is not of this WORLD: IF MY KINGDOM WERE of this world, THEN would MY servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but NOW is MY kingdom NOT from hence.”–So, it’s easy to say that if you belong to Christ than you fight and are involved in His kingdom when it comes…not here yet, remember thy KINGDOM COME, His way of government, led by Him. If you were a King than you would have a kingdom, you would have some type of government system to run it, a military and people to govern

    4. Phil.3:20 ” For our CITIZENSHIP is in heaven; from where we also look for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ”, we are citizens of this country that we live in now, but this is not our primary citizenship, just like some people have a dual citizenship, one is usually considered as thier real home, for Christians this one is NOT it

    We are to come out of this world ( its ways and its systems). There is more, but feel like its a bit long already. Dont confuse obeying governments as participating in them, they are not the same, we are instructed to submit to authority (Romans 13:1 and others). We should always “We must obey God rather than men-ACTS 5 :29, when we are instructed by authority to do something that would sin against God.
    He was here to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, not to MAKE anyone live by it, it is left to each one individually to accept His ways and live by them. Christians are not here to make this world a better place or force non believers to live by His Ways, that doesn’t make any sense.

    p.s. sorry its so long
    p.s. not trying to convince anyone, just really think about it and what scripture clearly says, you have to put the pieces together, not just think I HAVE TO FIGHT FOR GODS WORD AND MAKE PEOPLE LIVE BY IT, CHRIST DIDNT FORCE THE RICH MAN TO SELL EVERYTHING, FOLLOW HIM AND FORCE HIM TO LIVE BY HIS WAYS, HE LET HIM CHOOSE HIS OWN PATH


  11. it is incredible….if you don’t agree with a certain life stile you are called a “hater”…wow

    • Oh Antonio! You make me think. Here all these years I have been embracing the “Life Style” of a straight person. I have embraced it with gusto! What can I say; I just love the ladies. If I were told that this “Life Style” would see me roast in Hell and that I should take up an alternative “Life Style”, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even do celibacy. I guess that I am just not strong enough. Could you assume the life of a bird and take to the air?

      It seems to me that the very term “Life Style” is really the “Fly in the Ointment”. It appears that a “Life Style” is a voluntary thing and few of us have any real choice over who we actually are.

      Respectfully, Phillip

      PS “Fly in the ointment” is of Biblical origin and it came into common use in English in about 1,700 AD. Today an ointment generally means something of medicinal value. In Biblical times it more often meant an enhancement or necessity to religious ritual. The “fly” was just that; a dead fly in the “ointment” which as an imperfection spoiled the “whole”.

      • Sad thing is about Antonio is, according to what he commented, if he does not agree with a certain life, then he hates. There are plenty of things people do that I do not agree with (homosexuality is NOT one of them however), but I don’t hate those that I am different from. We are each unique.

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