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How to Get More Comments on Your Blog | Humor

Is your blog a bit boring? No one commenting? Here is a cartoon which will help liven up your comment fields should you follow these very simple instructions. I know I have seen it work on many other sites – especially YouTube.


FYI… the dog is left-handed….


  1. Funny stuff. I bet that would work really well for people’s blogs that are usually perfect. Everyone will think they are having a breakdown, or are drunk, or on drugs or something.

    • I especially see it in the comments section on YouTube videos. Trolls and people with little to no self-esteem just feel it’s necessary to cruelly point out spelling and grammar errors of others. LOL… and half the time, they have their own errors.

  2. Har.

    One major investments blogger finally asked me to stop correcting his spelling/typos. He said his wife took care of that in the evening after she came home from work.

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