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The Parting Shot for August 8, 2012

What a capture!!!!

Photo credit:  Unknown


  1. Dear Michelle, It was certainly worth the trip! (wasn’t me)

    I have a friend who keeps my Email full of “stuff”. Usually it is things like lists of those among us past and present who believed/believe in reincarnation. This time he sent the address of a long list of quotes from people like Benjamin Franklin, Emma Goldman, and too many more to list. I think you may find these quotes to be educational (you have heard many) and useful as well.

    I don’t know how to send you the list address except in your comments section. I will send it on Saturday morning. It is not really a comment and you must know how to move it to where you want it. Then you can spend a couple of hours culling the quotes!

    Sincerely, Phillip

    PS Tell me if this is an unwanted intrusion.

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