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Amazing Footage of Plane Crash Taken from Inside the Cockpit – and Photos

First of all, everyone survived this crash, which was a vintage 1947 Stinson and occurred in the mountains in Idaho in June (2012). Tol Gropp has the camera in the cockpit. He, two of his friends, and his father – who was the pilot – were flying into the Idaho mountains for a morning hike in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness and were planning to fly on to another site for dinner.

But the plane crashed about four minutes into the flight. It seemed to encounter difficulty at takeoff, having trouble getting lift. The YouTube account chalks the problem up to an “air pocket” that made the craft lose altitude and descend rapidly into the trees.

In the video, the cameras continue to roll after the tumbling stops. Quiet moaning is heard, as well as the pilot asking, “Everybody OK?” Initially, the foursome weren’t going to share their video because it was “too personal” but then decided to share it to show the fragility of life — and, perhaps, their surprising camerawork as well.

Here is the moments to watch for in the video, or you may jump to them if you do not have enough time to watch the entire ordeal. The video is 7:34 long.

2:44 – Crash

3:00 to 4:21 – Camera still in the crashed cockpit. You can hear movement, voices – although very difficult to hear what they’re saying, but you can hear them ask a few times “Are you okay?”

4:22 to 5:50 – Camera is retrieved from the cockpit and they continue to record themselves. The look of shock upon their faces clearly speaks the fright they just went through. You will also see the father, who was injured the worst, lying on the ground with a broken jaw – in three places according to the ABC News coverage.

5:51 to 5:58 – You are able to see the crashed, upside-down plane.

5:59 to the end – Slow motion starts. This is a must-see portion of this video.

What amazes me is that no one yelled, shouted, or even said out loud, “We’re going to crash.” Were they simply hoping to themselves that they wouldn’t and did not want to say anything aloud out of fear? I doubt that I would have screamed like a girl in a cheap B-horror movie, but I most definitely would have yelled the “f” word at the top of my lungs – and most likely stuck on the “u” for several seconds.

Thank goodness they all survived and with minimal injuries, except for the father who took the worst of it due to his location in the plane.

Plane crash video from inside cockpit


Photos are screen shots taken from the footage and are in chronological order:







LA Times: Small plane crashes, and occupants record it from within the plane
The Laughing Squid: Footage of an Small Airplane Crashing, Shot From Inside the Cockpit
KABC-TV Los Angeles: Idaho plane crash video released to public





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