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Curiosity Rover: Martian solar day 2 | Interactive 360 degree panoramic view

This is awesome! Photography taken by the Mars Rover, Curiosity, in a 360 degree panoramic view. Photography by Andres Bodrov. Taken at 14:23 on 14/08/2012.

Simply click and drag to go right, left, up, down, at an angle, whatever which way you want to view. Going down will also allow you a great view of the rover itself. Best to view in the FULL SCREEN (top left of the interactive screen below). The interactive movement is quick, so be careful how far you drag your mouse. You may also use your up/down, right/left keys to view – which is a bit easier and more controlled.

Also, at some point, you will see a couple of white arrows – these are links which will open up in another tab to other sites featuring a 360 panoramic view. I cannot figure out how to code the embed so these arrows don’t show. They don’t impeded your interaction – I just find them slightly annoying.


Curiosity Rover: Martian solar day 2 | Interactive 360 degree panoramic view

Source: Curiosity Rover Martian Solar day 2


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