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An Open Letter to Ann Romney

Credit: Donkey Hotey

To Ann Romney:

First off, I would like to air my contempt for two words you chose to use in a statement a few weeks back… you referred to the public as “you people.” Very bad choice of words because this shows who you are from the inside – call it a Freudian slip, or don’t call it anything and shrug it off – which is what I am sure you have done. But I did imagine quite an elaborate visual image when I heard say you that. Allow me to share…

Here you are, Queen Ann, dressed up in a royal dress from centuries passed, blood-red color, dripping with too much white lace, and adorned from head to toe in gold and sparkling jewels. You are standing out on your castle’s balcony, looking down at the gathering of peasants below. You delicately raise your silk ladies handkerchief embroidered with your initials “AR” in golden silk, and carefully cover your mouth and nose. Just before walking out on the landing, you doused your kerchief with the finest scents only you and other royalty can buy. You find the peasants below you to carry a foul stench which very nearly brings you to nausea, but you manage to keep it in. After all, you are speaking for your husband, King Romney. You turn towards the crowd, slightly raise your head, but look down your nose, move the handkerchief just far enough away from your mouth and nose so you may speak clearly and be heard by all, and the first words you utter are “You people….”

That having been said, let’s move on to a recent interview on Rock Center with Brian Williams. The video is below your actual words just so you can verify that I have not altered or misquoted anything you said.

“Have you seen how we’re attacked? Have you seen what’s happened? We have been very transparent to what’s legally required of us. But, the more we release, the more we get attacked, the more we get questioned, the more we get pushed. And so, we have done what’s legally required, and there’s going to be no more tax releases given, and there’s a reason for that, and that’s because of how…what happens as soon as we release anything. Mitt’s financial disclosures, when he was governor, are huge. If people want to really look and see, any question they have… the other thing they have to understand is that Mitt is honest, his integrity is just golden.

“We pay our taxes, we are absolutely beyond paying our taxes, we also give 10% of our income to charity. So, we have no issues that way and the only reason we don’t disclose anymore is we become a bigger target.”

I do not think I have ever heard more whining than I just did when listening to your response about disclosing your tax returns. Allow me to remind you, Ann Romney, your husband is running for President of the United States! NOT president of the Kiwanis Club. You and he both will be heavily scrutinized and picked apart like vultures cleaning the last of the meat from the bones of a weeks old carrion – so get used to it. You are not above anyone else who has walked those same steps before you. In fact, President Obama actually went through much worse, and that was his birth certificate. But like the honorable man he is, not once did he say anything remotely close to what you have just cried out for all to hear, and not one utterance from his beautiful wife, Michelle. They just knew that stuff like this comes with the job.

You mention that Mitt’s financial disclosures are huge. I am sure they are – but are you implying that the people of this country will only react to the enormous numbers with jealousy? I have some very shocking news for you, Ann… most people could care less about how much Mitt and you have made. We, the people, just want to be assured – by personally reviewing your tax returns for at least a decade – that you and he have been paying your fair share of taxes. To be perfectly honest, your amount of money only brings misery. Many have absolutely NO DESIRE to have your amount of fortune, after all, most of it really is a waste. Opulence does nothing to help the weak, the ill and the unemployed. But sharing the wealth will. Putting back into the economy. Keeping jobs state-side. Paying employees what they’re worth and cutting back on the sickly grotesque salary CEO’s make. What we would like is the fair chance, as does everyone else in this country, to receive fair wages and benefits. And I do not believe for one moment that Mitt is the man to do this. Mitt is honest? With golden integrity? Absolutely not. By flat out refusing to provide the transparency requested, which should be given to all the citizens of this country by providing your tax returns – that is dishonesty in itself.

Ann, you have mentioned several times before as well as during this interview that you and Mitt have done “what’s legally required of [you]”, and seem to think that is transparent enough. I’m sure you are familiar with the saying, “going above and beyond.” POTUS is definitely a position where any candidate needs to go above and beyond. For someone to run the United States of America, what you and Mitt have supplied is not enough. Do you realize that a home buyer must show MORE tax returns to purchase or refinance a home than you and Mitt must show to run for President of the United States??? Most people – in fact, I feel safe to say that the vast majority of people – are confident that you and Mitt are hiding something you do not want the people to know. Which is exactly why we need to change this requirement for any candidate running for office of the President of the United States.

Thank you, Ann. If anything, you have shown us that we do have a “fault” within our requirements for running for POTUS, and I most certainly hope that this is changed by the time the next elections start. Then I’ll bet we won’t see either of you two appear.

Ann, all that “us people” want is to make sure that you and Mitt have paid your taxes – legally – because that is what every President expects from the citizens of this country. You must lead by example. Speaking of which… since I don’t have any horses, can I write off my dogs next year?


  1. What’s amazing here is how much whining and complaining we’ve heard from republicans about how they are being treated during the course of the campaign. They go on and on with severe criticism and vitriolic rhetoric but when a little bit of that comes back on them, they whip out the victim card and claim they are being unfairly treated.

    Thanks for another great post, putting the real situation into perspective.

  2. I’m so glad for this article. When I heard the ‘you people’ remark, I thought, well well, now we know for sure what she thinks of the electorate. As for this interview, what stood out for me was when the interviewer said as a wrap up. “So, if you release more tax returns, it’ll raise more questions?”
    And Ann replied. “It’ll give them ammunition.” If that isn’t an admission that there’s some dangerous stuff in those returns, I don’t know what is.

    • That’s very true. It appears as though her and Mitt have really worked hard with deciding upon the right words to use. I’ve heard them both stumble – almost saying something more incriminating, then stop and fall back in line.

  3. I have a friend ( he usually lives in LA) who has been a lifelong activist and campaigner for Love and Peace and against the control of large corporations who are effectively running the world..recently during a conversation we had he said this he knew it sounded terrible but he almost hoped Romney would win so that people would really see how bad the system of goverment is and there would be more hope of the peoples of America rising up and demanding change.. Interesting perspective and I can’t help feeling, even though it grieves me, that he just might be right.
    As I’ve done more and more research I cannot help but think that with the current system where Presidents are effectively “bought by the rich” there can never be sweeping changes which I think are needed.

    • Funny you say that about your friend – sometimes I think about that, too. Let someone in like Romney, they privatize about everything they can. Suddenly no one can afford to send their child to school. No one can afford health care. No one can afford much of anything as there are few jobs – they’ve all been outsourced. But the problem is those who cannot think for themselves will continue to follow the lies. There will always be something else the corporations and wealthy can blame and “if that’s fixed” everything will be okay.

    • Helen..always like your POV…I live such a F&&cked up place they are gonna explode..I actuallythink they want Obama for 4 more years! So they can keep complaining..There is an anti Romney element here ..JUST BECAUSE HE IS MORMON…

  4. Mitt said this week, without offering anything to back it up, that he’s paid at least 13% every year. Bet that didn’t include all the offshore accounts …

    Love your dig about the horses!

  5. A fantastic letter.I will share it with my friends here in Denmark,’course the hole world need to know about Ann and Mitt and their lies.

  6. Reblogged this on Peace for Every Living Thing and commented:
    This is the very BEST response I’ve heard or read to Ann Romney’s disdainful and whiney “you people” remark. Anyone who has bought a house, gotten any kind of large credit has to show more than these people are willing to show. They have no concept of what it means to be even “an American” let alone the “President of the United States.” Attacks you say, my dear? Attacks??? How dare you claim that the citizens of the country who you say you want to be the President and First Lady of are ‘Attacking’ you! We want you to be willing to represent the very best of us if you are elected to that position and instead, you are representing coldness, exclusiveness, and a stinginess of spirit that would demean those positions. Go back to your mansion(s) and suck your thumb. You do not deserve to be anywhere near the White House.

  7. Michelle..the icing on the cake (hehe) would be if Ann Romney would have said..”Let them eat cake”..Marie AnnRomneyette!

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