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The Parting Shot for August 16, 2012

Just an absolutely magnificent black and white photo
of an elephant taking a drink.

The clarity, the crispness, the background. Phenomenal!

Photo credit:  Nick Brandt

Also: Artsy’s Nick Brandt page

(Thank you  Geoff Powell for letting me know who took this photo.)


  1. It is. It reminds me of the b/w photos of Ansel Adams. Unfortunately it also reminded me of the republican party and the water is the budget/ medicare/ medicaid/ social security… well, you get the idea.

  2. I tried to find the elephant photo to get a photo credit for you. !,000+ elephants and no luck. Your elephant is very unusual and the print is probably well known to museums and collectors and galleries. It appears to be a REAL black and white print on REAL paper. It looks old. By that I mean the optics look old. God it is a great photo! Phillip

    PS Also it is not in the style of today. I can’t explain it in words, but then that is why it is a photograph!

  3. WOW!! That photo is so Good!! beyond good. I need it as a poster… I live in Elephant land, ( Tusc. Alabama). Is it ok if I book this and print it for my own use? Will wait for reply from you. Thank You for share.

  4. Pied Type may be closer than she thinks when she mentions that it reminds her of a museum diorama. “Fixing” photos has been with us from the very beginning of photography. Especially during the age of pictorialism. This was a time when photos often mimicked painting. It was a kind of romanticism that was social popular and accepted as well as expected. Photos were often ‘built’ out of many negatives and the scene presented never existed at all. Because the elephant is so ‘in your face’ and sharp to the point of harsh; I would think that it was done at a later time in history. While searching for the elephant I noticed that the waterholes were quite different than our elephant’s waterhole. There was a lot of vegetation that spread out a considerable distance from the other waterholes. Perhaps a river? perhaps a fabrication? The background serves to isolate the elephant and is a good deal lower in sharpness and contrast. Someone find the “Elephant” and make a fool out of me! I really want to know who and when!

    Sincerely, Phillip

  5. Hi, It’s Helen again.
    I looked at that Ann Romney video which led me to another one. In both she says they give 10% of their income to charity ( the discussion was about their taxes but I guess she just threw that in) So, I looked it up and seems the Mormon Church askes (if not requires) members to donate that exact amount. This goes to building more temples and for teaching materials. Not once did I read that any of it went to help the poor/ sick etc.
    SO, while this may seem generous, it’s because they more or less have to and don’t donate to anything else.

    Thanks for the invitation to share my thoughts.

    • I’m not sure of the proper titles/terminology, but I believe I heard recently that for a Mormon to “move up” in hierarchy in the church, then the “request” becomes a “requirement.” Yes, their 10% goes to the church and to nothing else – which is probably another reason why they don’t want their returns show.

      The other day, Mitt was trying to justify his tax rate by stating he pays no less then 13% – but then “if you add in my donations it becomes much more than 13%.” Donations have nothing to do with taxes and tax rate. Your donations do not go towards our roads, schools, firemen, etc. I’m amazed that he actually thought people would go, “oh, yeah… I guess you’re right.” He is such a buffoon and a complete embarrassment to this country and gov’t.

    • Dear Helen, When I was in High School I was ‘IN LOVE’. She was a Mormon girl who decided to go for it when I ask her out for a ‘Coke’ (forbidden). The way I understand it, the 10% tithe is NOT voluntary. In fact, when it comes to the ‘Cult’; nothing is voluntary. I read the whole book of Mormon and gave two guys in white shirts their best shot. It turns out that those who hear the ‘whole truth’ and still don’t believe; they will go to Hell.

      If you haven’t been good, I will see you there!

      Phillip aka eggsuckingpup

      PS Fifty years and I still miss Dianne. The way I understood it, if I didn’t convert and she stayed with me, then she would go to Hell.


  6. Beautiful photograph! Thanks for sharing.
    BTW – have you heard *anything* from morezennow? She hasn’t posted since right after her surgery and hasn’t responded to my emails.

    • No, now that you mention it, I haven’t. But there are several that used to visit all the time, but have disappeared, too. I figured that’s just the way of the blogosphere. I didn’t know she was going in for surgery. Oh, my… I hope she is okay! Thanks for the heads up.

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