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George Carlin on Teaching Your Children

His wisdom never stopped when he was alive, and it will never stop now that he has passed. You are missed. RIP George Carlin.  May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008


  1. George was not only a funny guy, he had a lot of insight. We’re part of the same generation. I was that kid who questioned the teacher when I was not satisfied with the answers. I often ended up in the principal’s office “speaking out of turn”. I taught my daughter to love to read, to learn and question everything till she was satisfied. In her generation, she never once ended up in the principal’s office for it. Today, she’s the one answering questions as a reference librarian.

    • Excellent! I was the one that would ask questions and everyone else would laugh at me. One of my teachers pulled me aside one day and told me the reason they laugh is because they don’t understand my logical thought process.

  2. I was the one who never asked a question aloud for fear of being laughed at or scolded. But I knew plenty of other places to look for answers and reach my own conclusions.

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