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Ron Paul Delegates Will Not Sign Illegal Affidavit to Vote for Romney. Now Disqualified.

My oh my…. The Republican Party is definitely not the same anymore. In fact, it is looking more like a dictatorship than a democracy. Point in case, seventeen Ron Paul delegates were disqualified because they would not sign an affidavit that “under the pain and penalty of perjury” they will vote for Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention.

This type of affidavit has never been present in the past, and an affidavit that is signed for doing something in the future is not legal. The courts will never support it. Here is the full wording:

“I certify, under the pain and penalty of perjury, that on the first ballot at the 2012 Republican National Convention, I will affirmatively vote for Mitt Romney.”

Oh, this is wrong – very wrong. There are people who want Romney as president so badly that they are willing to throw away the democracy our country was built upon and turn into an oligarchy that is dictating what the delegates are to do and who to vote for. It is a legal right in the US to be able to VOTE FOR WHOEVER YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR. No one can force you to vote for a specific person… except the Republican Party apparently.

Just check out the Rachel Maddow show here. The first half is the important part to watch. Now pardon me… I think I’m going to be sick as there is more to come. John Boehner (R-OH) has literally turned into a dictator.


Republicans Oust Ron Paul Delegates


  1. I’ve watched the dissension in the republican party all year. From what I’ve seen of the convention, it’s finally falling apart. Ilegal tactics to get delegate votes. Rules change to suit the situation. Romney counting on his wife to sell him?? Please. He needs to come out from behind her skirt and convince people on his own. But of course, he’ll never do that. And finally, I thought I’d never hear myself say this but…Go Texas!!

  2. The GOP is self-destructing. They’re eating their young, ostracizing their outliers and old guard, selling out to the religious right, and shooting themselves in their two left feet. It would all be very sad and even funny if the presidency of the United States weren’t at stake. If this is how they run their party, campaigns, and conventions, imagine how they’d run the country.

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