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The Tea Party Taliban. Ignorance is a Choice.

HBO has a new series called “The Newsroom” which is fictional but based upon current events in the news and politics. This show is better than watching the main stream media news coverages as the reporting is right on the nose. No holds barred with “The Newsroom.” What the anchor says is very real and very truthful.

So why doesn’t our main stream media cover the news like they’re doing in this episode below? Because they’re chicken. The main stream media is afraid of what will happen if they do go this far and tell it like it really is. In cases like FOX News, they do not care about the truth – their main purpose is to brainwash Americans and feed them lies in order to keep the sheeple in their stable.

Below is an episode from “The Newsroom” which covers today’s politics – and this is more honest and truthful than any main stream media, cable news station, news magazine, and talk radio show that I have seen and heard.

It is sad that we must turn to a fictional show to get the truth as the real news only reports half truths or twists the facts for whatever personal gain they wish to accomplish.

This is just a portion of the episode that was aired on August 8th, 2011, and was the final show for the season. The first part of this clip focuses on voter surpression – exactly what is going on now in many states. The Republican Party is doing anything and everything they can to win – even if it’s dirty and undemocratic. Then it goes into telling the people exactly what the Tea Party is all about: “The American Taliban.” Even the infamous “one term president” quote by Mitch McConnell is included.

Just remember that in this age of information, ignorance is a choice.

Now my hat tip to Jueseppi for posting this video on his website, The Obamacrat. Rock on, Jueseppi! Thank you!!!

Lastly… I never EVER say this, but I will for this video… This needs to go viral!


The Newsroom – Tea Party is the American Taliban





  1. Thank you so much for posting this Michelle. I’ve seen a couple of clips from “The Newsroom” and had actually intended to post one or two of them myself. I really regret not doing so now, because that clip literally brought tears to me eyes. I MUST have HBO by the time the next season starts!

  2. I almost subscribed to HBO just to see this show. I knew it would be good. Thanks for posting the video so I could see what I’ve been missing … sniff

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