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Rescued Dog Receives Prosthetic Front Legs

A dog named Lemon Pie was the victim of a violent act by criminal gangs in Mexico. They would cut the toes and paws off of dogs as practice for cutting off people’s fingers. (Yeah, I know… makes me cringe and want to cry, too. Plus a thousand other feelings, including just-punishment for the gang members.)

Needless to say, when he arrived at a rescue shelter called Canine Miracles he was missing his front paws. The shelter did not want to give up on Lemon Pie, but they knew he would need special help in order to walk again. That’s when the group set out to raise the money to get Lemon Pie two front prosthetic limbs to give him the power to walk and play again!

Watch Lemon Pie walk on his new legs for the first time – which is very awkward for him. But after time, you will see that he runs and plays, and is now a very happy and loved dog.

(Side note: I think an excellent name for him would be “Lieutenant Dan.” He now has his magic legs.)


Dog walks again with artificial legs



Dog Heirs: Rescued dog gets special prosthetic legs to walk again


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