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Clint Eastwood versus…. The Chairs!

When Clint Eastwood spoke at the Republican National Convention on Friday, at one point, he began berating an empty chair – as if it was occupied by Obama.  What many people didn’t know – myself being one of them – this was yet another chapter in a longstanding feud with chairs.

In Eastwood’s ongoing chair feud, the most notable episode occurred in 2004, when a boxing stool maliciously attacked and crippled Clint’s ingénue, Hillary Swank, in the film “Million Dollar Baby.” Now it has become quite apparent that Eastwood has not yet recovered from these horribly tragic experiences. Taking out a chair must have been dreadfully overwhelming for him. I hope he has a top-notch shrink to help him through his internal struggle.

Below is a video that is a compilation of Eastwood’s most heated showdowns with chairs.

Clint Eastwood vs Chairs

More serious thoughts about Clint Eastwood’s speech:

Eastwood did pretty much what all the other speakers did and that is Obama-bash. I made it about halfway through but couldn’t finish watching his speech since my respect for him vanished in a matter of mere seconds. Not because he is a Republican supporting Romney, but because he proved himself to be completely hypocritical and greedy. Eastwood was in the Super Bowl 2012 commercial supporting the resurgence and success of GM coming back from near closure to become number one once again. Although that commercial did not directly state Obama as the one who helped save GM, but it was indicated. Then for Eastwood to turn around and then start belittling our President — completely hypocritical. I also realized that Eastwood has no shame – for the right amount of money, he’ll say whatever you want.

If you haven’t seen his speech, here it is…. Oh, fyi… the only two businessmen who have become president were George W Bush, and Herbert Hoover. Read that how you want to….

Clint Eastwood Speaks at RNC – Full Speech – ‘It’s Time for a Business Man’


Huffington Post: Clint Eastwood Berates Chairs: A Retrospective (VIDEO)


  1. I thought the President had the best possible response when he tweeted a shot of himself sitting in the oval office, caption: This chair’s taken.
    Take a good look Romney, that’s as close as you’re gonna get!

  2. I’ve always respected Clint Eastwood as an artist…but his little speech had me scratching my head and wondering if he was showing signs of dementia. Isn’t it amazing how the Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot over and over again and how in the world is this race even close?

    • I was scratching my head, too. Especially after he did the Super Bowl commercial – then to come back now and really bash Obama…. I actually felt used and deceived – if that makes sense. It actually rather hurt, and I shouldn’t take it personally. I think because I’m so tired of all the lies. Although Eastwood didn’t lie, it was almost like he did.

  3. Clint Eastwood speaking nonsense in primetime must be so embarrassing for GOP,some one must have very red ears and that goes for Clint too.I liked Clint’s movies but now I’m afraid I can’t watch them anymore without seeing Clint talking to an empty chair.Sad.

    • I can’t watch him because I lost all respect for him. He was in a Super Bowl ad which indirectly was thanking Obama for saving GM in Detroit. Then to turn around and bash Obama like that. No, that does not bode will with me.

  4. Clint Eastwood was doing a routine like Bob Newhart on the phone…but ya’ll are too young to know about that. He stammered like Newhart used to do…and made many good points about the deficiencies of Obama and his lackluster four years. He was brilliant and it’s caught on to the favor of the Republicans. It’s time for a change of CEO’s.

    • Deficiencies? Lackluster? Obama walked into a mess. It was horrible. Very close to a Depression. He brought us out and we are working our way back. This will take time. But, it would go much better if the Republicans in Congress would cooperate. I am currently going through many of the votes in the senate. And nearly every Republican voted “nay” whenever a bill came up that was sponsored by a Democrat. Yes they would pass all Republican supported bills. And there some of the same going the other way – but it is not as back. Specifically, I’m digging into Mitch McConnell’s “work” as I think he should be charged with treason.

      In all seriousness, I cannot understand or even comprehend why anyone would vote for Romney. He’s shown that he does not pay his taxes like he is supposed to. He hides his money overseas. He lied to the SEC (check Gawker for 900 pages they managed to get from Bain Capital). There is enough evidence to charge him with several felonies – but it will not happen. Not as long as he’s running for president. I doubt it will happen afterwards either.

      To privatize Medicare/caid, Social Security, public school (well, public now anyway), is just insane! Vouchers??? Oh give me a break. That will never work. Take a look back in history and see what has worked and what hasn’t. You’ll find that the additions of these items helped the middle class grow and thrive after WWII. Grow and thrive! We’ve already seen what happened when Bush took over, and people want to do that again? Pour salt on a wound?

      Well, I will continue to scratch my head when someone wants to vote R&R. You’re voting against yourself – unless you happen to be very wealthy. Oh, and by the way… I remember Bob Newhart. I’m not that young. And I was also a mortgage banker for over a decade – I understand our economy and Romney has plans which will destroy it. I left the business a couple years before the collapse. I saw what was happening and could no longer work in that industry. I knew it was going to fail and wanted to get out and find a job which was safer. I gave up making $10,000 a month, too, which made it a very difficult decision. But I had to get away from mortgages. Even though I worked at a bank and we primarily did all conventional loads with equity and a high score – people who knew what owning a home was about.

      I thought the convention tonight was wonderful. So much integrity. There was no mud-slinging, unlike the Republican Party. Sure they would mention Romney – but always as a comparison to what Obama is doing. It was full of hope. Whereas the GOP convention was full of hate and bigotry.

      Okay, bedtime for me. Gnite Todd.

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