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LMAO: Amy Kremer, Tea Party Chair, Makes Complete Ass of Herself in Trying to Slander Obama

Amy Kremer is the chair for the infamous Tea Party Express (“express”? Does that mean they’ll quickly be gone??). Last week, Kremer simply decided that Obama just did not love our country as much as Mitt does so she tweeted:

Huge difference between @MittRomney & @BarackObama is tht Mitt luvs America! We need a president that luvs this country! #RNC2012 #GOP2012

So…. on September 4th, Soledad O’Brien from CNN decided to bring her on “Starting Point” as well as a few other guests, including Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Before I go any further, you really need to watch this exchange first:

Okay, hopefully you watched the video. I have found Amy Kremer to be pathetically hilarious! She is one of the most ignorant and poorly educated people I have seen that is directly involved in politics. First of all, when O’Brien asks her directly, “‘We need a president that loves this country.’ Do you think that President Obama doesn’t loves this country?” Kremer stammers, falls all over her own words, and simply cannot articulate what she means at all:

KREMER: I think that he is more about a global… being a global, um, oh, what’s the word, being more one world — global — with other countries, and it’s not about the shining city on the hill, the greatness that has always been America, that our founding fathers were about. I do believe that. I absolutely believe it. I’m not going to run from that.

So, Amy…. Does having a global vision where the United States is a successful part of a bigger picture mean that Obama doesn’t love America? Actually, I find it quite to the contrary. Because he loves his country as much as he does, he wants a better global vision and success.

I’m not even going to counter her praises of Romney. That’s old hat, and Kremer is still living in the Land of Denial.

Then we come to the point in the video where I nearly hit the floor laughing. Kremer has to pull out a piece of paper “because [she’s] not very good with numbers,” in order to magically justify that Obama’s energy policy will “cost us 7.3 million jobs by 2020. And one trillion dollars in compliance costs….” I understand not everyone is very good with numbers, but if you are going to be the chair of the Tea Party and continue to slander our President, then you damn well BETTER be good with numbers – especially when being President is all about numbers! Too bad no one asked here how those estimates were derived….

LOL… what I literally envisioned here at this point was a chubby little spoiled child pulling out her wadded up piece of paper that has several large numbers scribbled on it – but having no idea how those numbers were generated. Then turning to Mayor Nutter, crossing her arms, giving one exaggerated strong nod with her head, and says, “So THERE!”

The topic then returns to the “love our country” again, and the following interaction occurs:

NUTTER: Why is it you’re questioning the president’s love for this country? Why would you say that?
KREMER: Well, I don’t believe that he loves America the way we do.
NUTTER: Based on what? ‘We’ who?
KREMER: He’s more about one world, more about…
NUTTER: What does that mean?
KREMER: I just explained it to you.
NUTTER: Well, clearly I’m not understanding.

Let me help you out here, Amy. We all know exactly who you meant by “we” but you were too terrified to say it, especially sitting next to Mayor Michael Nutter. Your “we” you referred to are the ignorant racist mother-[bleep] of your Tea Party Express. Wait, I forgot another descriptive, that being “white.”

Throughout the rest of the clip, Kremer continues to stumble on and never does pull up any facts. She could not even remember what “conflict” it was “where the French told us that we could go and do what we needed to do.” Kremer was crying that Obama does not lead our country but basically “waiting for others to tell us what to do.” Then Lizza really makes one huge fool out of Kremer, clearly showing she has no clue as to what she is talking about:

LIZZA: I think what you’re saying is leading from behind, right?


LIZZA: So I was the journalist that actually reported that quote. So the leading from behind is something that was told to me. And actually, what it refers to is the strategy in the UN, the U.S. led a coalition in the UN to get military authorization to topple Gadhafi.

So the quote actually is the opposite of what you’re saying. It actually refers to the strategy that Obama used in the UN to get all of the nations to support the U.S.’s use of force resolution because after the Bush years, it was really hard for the U.S. to go to the UN and get support because Bush was really, really unpopular.

I have watched Amy Kremer throw her tantrums before without providing any facts or justifications for her claims. Usually her ignorant stupidity irritates me enough that I have turn the station off or kill the video I’m watching on the internet. But this time, she is so ridiculously pathetically ignorantly stupid (any other adjectives that I should use here?) to the point she is a comical side-show. I had to watch this clip several times until I could finally make it through the all of this video without laughing so I could actually hear every single word said.

Amy Kremer… please… give it up. Go home. You are not helping your party at all, especially after this farce.


  1. My very thrifty (cheap) sister says that one can get five cups of tea from one bag. Amy is one bag that has been in the cup too long. Phillip

  2. Michelle, the entire “Tea Party” needs to fold up their sorry tents and go back to their holes forever!!! They are a (oh, I wish I could use the adjective I want to use beginning with “f”!) total JOKE and abomination!! The Republican party used to be at least a legitimate part of the two-party system….but now it’s somehow been taken over by this utterly lunatic faction which is making a mockery of them all and could end up destroying everything fair and just that IS America!

    • The Republican Party has been hi-jacked. But I’m starting to hear rumblings from those who are more traditional GOP’ers and they’re not liking where the Republican Party has gone either. Those extremists really do need to break off and legitimately have their own party, the Tea Party. In actuality, having a three party system would work much better. Four Party if the liberals could gain some strength. Then we wouldn’t see Congress so deadlocked all the time. But then, if we get rid of McConnell and Boehner, then it wouldn’t be deadlocked all the time either.

      The old Republicans wouldn’t fit today. Reagan and even Bush Sr would be outcast in today’s Republican Party.

    • No, not at all. Sadly, the likes that follow the Tea Party => TP => Toilet Paper (sorry, been wanting to do that), the likes that follow the Tea Party and just as dumb and ignorant and will bow down and kiss her toes because they will see her as “all knowing.” yeah, right. gag, cough… cough… bleh

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