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Mitt Romney FAIL! Made in China

Now… what was this Romney has been saying about keeping jobs in the US? Between this and paying NOT paying his taxes, he will not be earning the “Lead by example” award.

Romney campaign button which says, “Romney Believe in America” was MADE IN CHINA! FAIL!

UPDATE: I have been informed that this is a hoax. And it is. Below is a copy of the button being sold on Zazzle. Someone photoshopped in the “Made in China” as well as “” and the hand in the background. You can tell by the reflections between this image and the Zazzle image that they indeed are one in the same.

Well… it was fun while it lasted. I may make mistakes, misunderstand something, but I will never intentionally post something that I know is not true. Even if it’s about Mitt and/or Lyin’ Ryan. Don’t want to drop to their level, ya know. Thank you to the reader that gave me this info.


    • Thanks! Actually, I pulled this post at first, but then decided to reactivate it and update it with the hoax info. As much as I dislike Romney, I don’t believe in lies and deceit. Then I would be at his level. Thanks, again!

  1. Good job, Michelle, on setting the record straight. This shows you have integrity and believe in a fair fight. But from a comedy standpoint that would’ve been gold, had it been true. The sad part is, it was totally believable to begin with!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I was so bummed (and embarrassed) to find out it was a hoax. I should have looked up buttons on a few sites, and Zazzle would have been one of them. But then, I wouldn’t have posted at all. Even through it’s not true, it is still fun!

  2. Okay, so the button is a hoax, but given the Conservative Court decision on Citizens United, we have no money where their money is coming from! It’s definitely important to get the specifics right (and I think you were right to keep the post up, with the update), but there’s still a larger point that still stands. Namely, that Romney’s policies support international companies more than they do the U.S.

    • Yes, they most absolutely do. I’m amazed and dumbfounded how people think his Bain Capital slashing qualifies him to fix the economy! He’d fire us all, sell off everything we own, then ship us to China to work.

      • Oh please, he would not. A bunch of garbage. Furthermore, I love how people rip on Citizens United but turn a blind eye to Union spending in campaigns.

  3. The fact that a picture was faked doesn’t prove a thing about where the buttons were made, one way or the other. Don’t take it as proof it was made in the USA.

  4. After the infamous incident of his special Salt Lake City Olympics pins being made in China, I want to believe he’d do it with his campaign pins. But maybe even Mitt isn’t that stupid. Of course, the campaign isn’t over yet, and China is the cheapest way to get something mass produced …

  5. I figured out it was a hoax by just examining the picture. The edge of the alleged Chinese button is a different color, When those buttons are made, the edge color always overlaps.

  6. It is dishonest to leave the blog post up with the original headline. If you don’t read all the way down, the lie is still propagated.

    If you have any integrity, you will completely replace the post with an honest one.

    • Changing the title doesn’t do anything on searches… it’s the slug. And if I change the slug, then any links that go to this post are no longer any good. If someone doesn’t want to read all the way down, well, they don’t. Not like this is a topic of life or death. In all honesty, I did think about changing the title. But since I build websites, I am quite familiar with how much a title/slug change can be a pain in the ass, so decided to leave it like it is. I can see several links coming into this page, plus it’s been posted all over in forums and in Reddit. Not going to happen. So, I guess in your eyes, I don’t have any integrity. But in my eyes, and the eyes of my closest friends, I do. That’s what matters to me.

  7. Why is the “BELIEVE IN AMERICA” font different between the two pictures? That’s NOT the same button. By the same token, the inverted one is not the same button, either, evidenced by the aforementioned border color. I think there are three different buttons, here.

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