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Mitt Romney Totally Looks Like….

An Oompa Loompa!!!

Okay, that’s it. I’m done.





  1. The name you’re looking for is Snooky.

    And now for a poem.

    Ode to a botched tan

    I turned out orange when I wanted to be tan
    So I could be like that “Tan Man”
    There are folks who’ve said, I hear
    He forgot his neck and ears
    If John and I spray any more
    We could end up on Jersey Shore

    • LMAO!!! Too funny! And thanks for the Snooky “reminder.” Last night, I could not remember her name for the life of me! Hey, Mitt Romney did admit he likes her. Something about her spunk or spark. Maybe the did give him pointers on becoming tan overnight….

  2. You’re very welcome. Romney’s in L.A. today to speak to Latino business owners. Ya think he’ll remember to touch up those pesky spots like the backs of his ears and neck, or will he not worry about what he can’t see..

  3. Fake tan?!That is so stupid that I don’t know how to put words to it.I think, by doing that ,he’s insulting latino voters by pretending they would be voting for him because of a tan.He clearly seems that latino voters are idiots.He’s also insulting white people,implying it’s no good to be white when you are dealing with latino voters.This man for president????????

    • Absolutely not. When he does something stupid, like that video released, I think, “that’s the icing on the cake.” And then he does something else on top of that which is just as bad. This fake tan was the icing on top of the icing on the cake. Pretty soon there will be more icing than there will be cake. This was a entirely insulting to the Latinos. I’m sure he lost some votes on this one. Lost more than he gained. He’s a buffoon.

  4. Mitt’s thoughts: I cant speak to a group at Univision wearing a sarape that would be offensive…I’ll just tell them them the Miami sun tanned by face but not the back of my ears and neck. What? I don’t have enough supporters at the university? Bus them in. What? I agreed to address questions for an hour, but I, like a spoiled child do not want to do that because no body likes me. Wait? I don’t have to honor my one hour commitment because they (or you people) didn’t pay $50,000 for a plate!

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