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The Parting Shot for September 24, 2012

One Square Mile of Hope

On September 24, 2011, over 2,200 paddlers showed up on the shores of the central Adirondack town of Inlet, New York (population, 400) to set a new Guinness World Record previously held by 1,619 boats in Pittsburgh. The official tally was 1,902 boats, forming the largest raft of canoes/kayaks in the world.

Photograph by Nancie Battaglia, Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Source: Picture of the Day: The Largest Raft of Canoes and Kayaks in the World

The event raised funds for Susan G. Komen, a grassroot organization raising money for the research and awareness of the prevention of breast cancer.


  1. Great picture of the rafts, canoes and kayaks! The downside is the fact that the money went to the Komen Foundation. Unfortunately, they should have picked the Breast Cancer Research Foundation or Planned Parenthood instead. With all of the issues within their organization and their back and forth stance with Planned Parenthood, to fund them for the rest of this year and possibly next year has me feeling uncomfortable with the Komen Foundation anymore. Great idea, wrong charity.

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