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The Parting Shot for September 30, 2012 | Amazing Illusion of One Face. Profile? Looking at you?

This illusion is one of the best I’ve seen. I am still tripping. This Photoshop modified black and white face changes directions. Look at his nose, and you see his profile. Look at his eye, and he is facing you and looking right at you. Better yet, use your hand to cover up the left half, and then move and cover the right half. I’m still trippin’!

I have searched to see if I can find who created this but no luck. I found two websites displaying this image, but neither knew who created it. One was Huffington Post, and teh other called Mighty Optical Illusions created the three-faced image below to help distinguish the different angles.



Photographer, graphic artist, anyone:  Completely unknown. And I do wish I knew.





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