Beautiful and Adorable Pictures of Animals

A wide variety of animals featured here. Some are wild, some are pets, some rescued, some at the zoo…. So get your “awwww’s” all ready to go because there are a few of them.

But they should all at least make you smile.

Photo credits are completely unknown. These images were sent to me via email from a friend. I have seen a few of them roaming around the internet, but still do not know who took those either.


(Click on any image to bring up full size.)





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  1. Caption for German Shepard carrying the cat.

    I found him down at The Pink Pussy Cat Strip Club again,I even have his pink wrist ( neck?) band to prove it.

    For the screaming young bird: I shouldn’t have tried to eat that daffodil whole.

  2. A wonderfully diverse selection of critter images that got lots of Awwwwws out of me, and also some laughs, and even a sense of awe for a few of them. My top 5 faves are – The bottle fed hairless baby Aardvark – I’ve never seen a baby Aardvark before, not even in a photo. 2. The thumb and fingers held furry tiny whatever it is, with the big eyes – I want one! 3. The black bat with those cool looking very long toes and fingers. Great Halloween entry! 4. The hanging purple green tree frog – wildly strange looking and on the edge of hallucinogenic. 5. The Manatee wearing a halo of small fish eating algae from it’s head – amazing and amusing at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing, Michelle! A real visual treat! 🙂

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