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Beautiful and Adorable Pictures of Animals

A wide variety of animals featured here. Some are wild, some are pets, some rescued, some at the zoo…. So get your “awwww’s” all ready to go because there are a few of them.

But they should all at least make you smile.

Photo credits are completely unknown. These images were sent to me via email from a friend. I have seen a few of them roaming around the internet, but still do not know who took those either.


(Click on any image to bring up full size.)





  1. Caption for German Shepard carrying the cat.

    I found him down at The Pink Pussy Cat Strip Club again,I even have his pink wrist ( neck?) band to prove it.

    For the screaming young bird: I shouldn’t have tried to eat that daffodil whole.

  2. A wonderfully diverse selection of critter images that got lots of Awwwwws out of me, and also some laughs, and even a sense of awe for a few of them. My top 5 faves are – The bottle fed hairless baby Aardvark – I’ve never seen a baby Aardvark before, not even in a photo. 2. The thumb and fingers held furry tiny whatever it is, with the big eyes – I want one! 3. The black bat with those cool looking very long toes and fingers. Great Halloween entry! 4. The hanging purple green tree frog – wildly strange looking and on the edge of hallucinogenic. 5. The Manatee wearing a halo of small fish eating algae from it’s head – amazing and amusing at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing, Michelle! A real visual treat! 🙂

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