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“Put the White Back in the White House” T-shirt

First of all… that is NOT me saying this! Anyone that knows me hopefully has no doubt about that. I’m posting this because that is what the shirt says on the back of the white possibly-skinhead person wearing it while at a Romney/Ryan rally in Lancaster, Ohio on Friday. I say possibly a skinhead as the true definition of a skinhead, according to The Free Dictionary, is a “a member of a group of White youths, noted for their closely cropped hair, aggressive behavior, and overt racism.”  Not everyone who shaves their head is a skinhead, so please… do not automatically make that correlation. Perfect example… Me. I shave my head and I am a white woman with blue eyes. But I shave my head purely for convenience, and I rather like the look. I love not having to fix my hair – just get up and go. Anyway, back to the topic at hand….

Are these the kind of people that are drawn towards Romney and the extreme Republican Party otherwise known as the Tea Party? I will not say the entire Republican Party because it did not used to be this way – so full of hate and corruption. I know many Republicans that are currently shaking their heads in bewilderment… and voting for Obama.

It is sad that people vote based upon the color of skin. Even if Obama dropped unemployment down to less than 1% AND saved the European Union AND stopped all wars in the Middle East, there are people – like this fool – that would still want Obama out of office because he is not white.

There is nothing I can do about this racist. He has to figure it out for himself. But…. I can have fun with the photo….

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  1. So I guess he’s backing Romney just because he’s white, cause for the life of me, I can’t imagine he’d have any real, valid reasons to do so.

      • UVU was recently rated the most conservative public university in the United States. It is in Orem, Ut after all.

      • Utah is quite smitten with Mitt Romney. I get goofy comments and looks from people when I tell them I might vote Obama because Romney has not convinced me of anything.

        • I tell people who don’t keep up with the election just to NOT vote for Romney. Vote Obama, Gary Johnson, write in their own name, I don’t care. Just so they don’t vote Romney. I have no doubt our country will never be the same (in a bad way) if he goes into office.

        • Yeah, I’ve thinking a lot about Gary Johnson. The only problem with him and other libertarians is their extremely short-sighted view on international policy. Still, in a lot of ways he makes more sense then Romney and Obama.

        • I like the legalization of pot. And not for me personally at all… I cannot stand that crap. But I would rather be around someone who is stoned rather than drunk any day. Plus I know several people with debilitating diseases and weed helps them more than the expensive medicines do. But that right there is one reason it’s so hard to make it legal… too many pharma will loose money.

  2. Reblogged this on hip is everything and commented:
    a great piece by michelle over at motley news …
    read it and share it …
    this is who these people really are in the tp/gop these days…i mean if he was comfortable wearing it to a romney ryan rally …
    well, i guess “when in rome …”

  3. The picture was taken before the event began, so we don’t know if anyone objected to him wearing this or if he was later allowed access into a restricted area.

    If a man in a NAMBLA t-shirt showed up at an LGBT event, liberals would yell foul if one tried to link them to pedophilia based on this. How is this different?

    The only manufacturer of shirts like this which I could find came from

    Everyone was wearing coats – it was cold that day. So why is this guy in a T-shirt?

    There were cameras everywhere, yet this was the only picture of this guy!

    Anti-right groups exist whose sole purpose is to infiltrate right-wing events and to dress, carry signs, or act in a way that discredit the right:

    Picture taken before the event began
    No other pictures or videos exist
    Cold day, everyone else in coats and hats
    Man’s face is not shown
    Man is not interviewed

    If this was NOT a set up, the photographer would have followed the guy to see what happened once campaign organizers arrived. He would have taken video, or sequential photos, to show the crowd not reacting to this shirt. And if the guy stuck around, we would have seen other pics or videos by now.

  4. It has meta data attached to it. Read that and see if you can figure out how a picture taken in January ’12 would have a RR sticker in it? PS, consult your expert on how to fake meta data and pass ELA. (time saver? You can’t fake it and pass)

    • You are the bomb! You know that? I didn’t think about checking the meta data. Silly me. I just knew it was a real photo and now that I have checked the meta and also dropped it in Photoshop to check the pixelation for modification… it is real. It hasn’t been touched. The photo was taken at 3:59 PM yesterday which was 10/12/2012. The photographer was using a Nikon D3… nice camera. Shooting in a lower image size as that news shots like this usually are – they don’t want large files that slow down systems. Exposure, ISO, everything else is exactly what they should be.

      You see, I am an amateur photographer, but a professional Photoshopper. This image has NOT been photoshopped. End of story.

      Now, however, someone earlier mentioned that they thought it was staged. It very well could be… but I doubt it. Getty Images is not know for these drastic measures, and this was taken by a Getty photographer. He?She? had some good points… and it is rather strange that this is the only photo. Well, it’s the only photo ONLINE – and just by chance of timing, it may be the only photo in existence. He?She? said it was cold. I checked the weather, it was cool. Mid 50’s. So someone like this wanting to show off his white pride t-shirt can easily sit without a jacket for a while. Then he probably put a jacket on, thus covering this up – which also helps explain why there were no other pictures taken. So he may have had his jacket off for 10 minutes and the photographer was right there. Before you say anything about the photographer being there is strange, just think about all the missed opportunities that photographers were NOT there to shoot. Eventually the odds will be in the photographers favor and he will be in the right place at the right time.

      Look there are people out there like this. Why are you defending a stranger that has nothing but ignorance and hatred in his heart? Until hard core evidence appears that this is staged or fake (which that it is not), then as far as I’m concerned, this guy was there wearing this shirt.

      FYI… here are snapshots of the data for this image which I downloaded straight from Getty Images so the data had not been washed by anyone else. Once is a screen shot from the Photoshop info, and the other is a screen shot from the basic Windows Photo Viewer.

        • Sure he could. I leave a 300mm on mine nearly all the time. Only time I change to the shorter lens is when I am taking macros. I would like to get a nice macros one of these days, tho.

        • Really? To get that shot with 400mm lens, wouldn’t you have to be at least 25 – 30 metres away? I would think if it was a staged setup shot, you’d be using 135mm or 150mm from a close distance. I mean, yes of course it could be done, but 400mm seems more like telephoto crowd shooting, candid street photography, etc. A disclaimer – though I do use and shoot contemporary DSLR, I haven’t shot for publication since j-school, 30 years ago.

  5. I’ve seen this photo posted all over the internet along with comments which basically say this somehow proves that all Romney supporters are racist like this guy. Assuming this guy even is a Romney supporter, do you honestly believe its fair to demean an entire group of people based on the actions of one person?

    Look, prejudice is just wrong, and that’s a maxim which should always apply, whether the identity of the group in question is based on race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual preference OR political ideology. For example, if a man in a NAMBLA t-shirt showed up at an LGBT event, liberals would rightly yell foul if someone tried to link that community to pedophilia based on this.

    How is this any different?

    Everywhere I’ve seen this picture posted, I’ve witnessed a rush to judgment based simply on the fact that a man wearing this shirt was standing among others who were waiting for a campaign event to begin!

    That’s all that is known by the photo, nothing else. We don’t know how long he was there, we don’t know if anyone in the crowd chastised him before or after this photo was taken, we don’t know if campaign security noticed or removed him later after they arrived. And as I’ll point out below (with reference links), there is even ample reason to be unsure about how other Romney supporters or officials reacted, and even reason to doubt if he is indeed a Romney supporter:

    The picture was taken before the event began, so we don’t know if anyone objected to him wearing this or if he was later allowed access into a restricted area.

    The only manufacturer of shirts like this which I could find came from

    Everyone was wearing coats – it was cold that day. So why is this guy in a T-shirt?

    There were cameras everywhere, yet this was the only picture of this guy!

    Anti-right groups exist whose sole purpose is to infiltrate right-wing events and to dress, carry signs, or act in a way that discredit the right:

    If he was a Romney supporter, he would have stayed a long time, and this photographer or other media would have been on hand once campaign organizers arrived and would have taken video, or sequential photos, to show the crowd and/or campaign event staff reacting to this shirt.

    Picture taken before the event began
    No other pictures or videos exist
    Cold day, everyone else in coats and hats
    Man’s face is not shown
    Man is not interviewed

    So perhaps you can see why I have doubts as to whether he even is a Romney supporter. But regardless, the fact that he was standing among other supporters, at that moment, waiting for the campaign event to begin, gives no justification to judge anyone except the man in the shirt.

    The damage caused by the mistaken belief that a substantial number of Americans in today’ society share his views is far greater than the damage caused by this guys like this.

    What I think, however, is becoming more of a factor in today’s society is the damage caused, not by racism, but by despair.

    People need hope, they need opportunities. And young people need to be taught develop and apply their skills as best as they can to pursue these opportunities. But spreading the belief that racism is rampant in today’s world is essentially telling young minorities that these opportunities don’t exist, for them.

    With our nation’s struggling economy, its massive unemployment, wars, terrorism, natural disasters, and a global economic crisis – we all have enough reason to fall into the debilitating trap of despair.

    So why add the fiction of rampant widespread racism in today’s society to that list?

    • This is EXACTLY what someone else said. Perhaps it was you since you posted as “anonymous” yesterday. And I have a very reasonable explanation for all your suspicions. First, though, you cannot compare your pedophile correlation to this. You’re comparing apples to oranges. Doesn’t fly. Okay, the weather…Basically, it was cool. Not cold. I checked the weather and it was a high of 58 that day. I’m from Indiana and someone not wearing a jacket in that temperature is no big deal. However, I think there is more to it. I blew the photo up in Photoshop (which it is not fake), and that t-shirt looks pretty brand spanking new. I’m guess mr racist here came wearing a jacket. Then for a short while he removed his jacket to show off his “wonderful” new t-shirt. Then decided it was best to put it back on. That is why this is the only photo THAT WE KNOW OF. Others may have taken one, but don’t want to see it on the internet. And also why no interview, yada yada yada. He blended right back into the crowd. And since when does wearing a shirt like this constitute an interview? And why isn’t his face shown? Is that a requirement for all photographers to run around to the front of this guy and take his picture so he can post his face in Getty Images? Plus, you don’t know what other pictures the photographer took. Unless you have access to his camera.

      And since when has there been a law that all novelty t-shirts have to be posted online in a website? This argument is completely ridiculous. For one, anyone can go to Zazzle and create their own t-shirt. But I think it is more likely that there isn’t a site for this shirt, or it’s “hidden” within another website, like white supremacy sites. I design novelty t-shirts in my spare time, and I do a LOT of dog t-shirts. There is a t-shirt shop downtown here that I do graphics for them all the time. Not a single one of their stuff is online. In fact, they’ve asked me to build their website since they don’t have one.

      Lastly… why are you defending this person? Racism is a horrible nasty thing and it is the root of the majority of our societal problems. Racism is nothing less than pure hatred. And I have news for you, honey. There is a LOT of damage caused from people like this. A LOT! Look at Zimmerman and Martin. Zimmerman is obviously a racist and pulled a gun and shot Trayvon. If Trayvon had been a white guy, I can guarantee this would not have happened.

      Have you ever lived in the bible belt? I lived in Birmingham for two years. I thought I had gone through a time-warp and re-appeared right before the Civil War. Many white, ignorant assholes were not shy at all about what they though of black people. And if they could directly tell a black person what they thought of them, many loved doing that even more.

      So go ahead and live in your little bubble-world and keep defending this stranger. No skin off my nose. But your arguments are not well thought out.

  6. You forgot to say he has a best friend who loves him, pity that the friend is a small yappy dog with bad breath and cranky.

  7. “Is Secretly Wearing Women’s Panties” easily wins “Best in Show” for me! Lol 😀

    That was weird how “Anonymous” and “Michael Davison” had comments on consecutive days, with much of both comments being identical, while trying to claim the photo is fake and just part of a liberal plot to associate Romney with racism. It almost seems like an organized effort by someone or maybe a group that is far right wing, possibly the Tea Party? Just guessing here…

    The truth is that since the Nixon campaign in 1968 the Republican party has been inciting and manipulating the racism of white people in the southern states that were part of the Confederacy during the Civil War, since these states are worth a combined 100 electoral votes, and for many years, they always voted Democratic for presidential elections. But in 1968 the GOP began sending professional agitators to these states to whip up the resentment of southern whites towards Democrats, by speaking in public and reminding southern white voters that it was Kennedy and then Johnson who forced an end to segregation in the south and shoved the Voting Rights Act down their throats, federally enforcing the law protecting the rights of black people to vote in elections.

    With the exception of when southerners Carter and Clinton were running, all of these southern states of the old Confederacy have voted Republican in every presidential election since 1968, and given those combined 100 electoral votes to the Republican presidential candidate. So the unspoken truth is that the Republican party values white racists as an important part of its base, and the GOP campaigns undercover to win the white racist vote. So it’s not surprising when a guy like the one in the picture shows up for a Romney rally, since the GOP has been quietly making guys like him feel welcome for over 40 years now. .

    • Racism has been rampant since humanoids started gathering in clans. And yes, the GOP draws more racist people because they do promote the infrastructure of hierarchy. Thing is, I don’t blame Romney for this guy. Doesn’t matter who is running, so long as they’re white male (which I wouldn’t expect otherwise), then people like “women’s panties” will be there. Although I do think Romney’s personality (or lack of personality) tends to draw more racists because of his strong belief in hierarchy.

      Yeah, the guy that said the meta data on the photo was from January 12. Well, he apparently cannot read numbers very well. Only thing I can think of is that he read 10 (October) as 01 (January). And I actually didn’t think to check that when I first posted that image but I’m glad I did. That only reaffirms when and where the photo was taken.

      And the two with identical comments? Not sure what to think about that… Very odd.

      Some people are just making a big ol’ stink out of this. What… it isn’t as if the white supremacy people add disappear during an election. They’re been here and the always will be here – unfortunately.

  8. How many voted Obama in because he was black? Answer is quite a few, there was a radio host which I believe was Howard Stern going around black neighborhoods interviewing citizens and reversing the parties beliefs… they always voted Obama no matter what and were utterly clueless to Obamas campaign beliefs.

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