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Amazon Reviews on Binders Full of Women

Seriously. These are reviews that have been posted on Amazon today for the following product:

Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032)

I don’t know who started this nor how they even came up with this idea, but I’m sure glad they did. I doubt these reviews will stay on Amazon for very long, so better check them out while you can. I have copied the text from some of my favorites, though.

Trapped in the binder
Seriously, I’m trapped in here and I can’t get out. Someone send for help. My husband needs me to make dinner, since he’s incapable of doing it himself. I’m afraid he may burn down the house or lose a few fingers if he tries. HELP!

Better than a pumpkin shell
I used to keep my woman in a pumpkin shell, but the shells spoiled to quickly and took too long to grow. These binders are great. I can buy a whole stack of them and make a nice container for the little woman.

A Folder of Floozies, a Scrapbook of Strumpets
I already have a Folder of Floozies, and a Scrapbook of Strumpets, but a Binder of Baggage — that is what I was looking for. At last I have found it.

Thank goodness!!
I absolutely love my binder, I fit inside well with my daughter, heck, had some friends over for a binder party, and believe it or not, 8 of us fit inside comfortablly, afterwards we all tweaked our no=bake cookie recipe, and my famous red velvet cake, both of which fit inside the binders and was still comfortable. Even with all us girls. Wonderful product, the silver rings go well with any other accessories, gold goes well as well, and just for fun, my husband likes to chase me around the house with it, playing pac=man we have loads of fun. I would recommend this product for any woman who needs to be binded, it’s a life saver. Without mine, i’d have to worry about, things like life and birthcontrol, now I can focus on important issues like pleasing my husband, and the latest moves on pole dancing.

Color index tabs
I notice several women complaining the binder only comes in white. Please see “colored index tabs” under ‘Accessories” or … “People who bought this also bought” ….. I find the colored index tabs perfect for keeping my women properly categorized by color.

Finally Some Relief From My Ambition!
I was so thrilled that Mitt Romney educated us women on this exciting option. To think that I wasted my life earning advanced degrees when I could have spent my time waiting for my husband to come home and tell me about his day. With my new binder, he can take me out when he needs me and then put me on a shelf while he goes out and earns a decent living – as a man should. It does make it difficult for me to bring up his children, clean his house, make his meals, and satisfy his manly needs. However, I am sure he knows what’s best – that why he gets to rise through his company and make more money than his equally qualified female co-workers (they don’t have binders, and are causing an epidemic of gun violence in America). Overall, I am terribly grateful to the new binder that keeps me in my place – far, far below the men.

Great for keeping tabs on my women, but didn’t help me deal with AK-47 toting children of single moms
My experience with the Avery Durable View Binder has been fantastic, and that was even before I was informed it could be filled with women. Great for organizing things, I can now corral all my women with ease, and make sure they’re home by 5 to cook for the kids. Even those feisty ones who want to stay working till 7 can’t resist the allure of my alpha-male binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring. The only downside is the pockets aren’t big enough to keep the kids of single moms straight. They keep running amok with their guns. Otherwise, I highly recommend this binder.

A Bit Snug as So Many are Pregnant
I like living in this binder and would have given it five stars except it is too small for all of the pregnant women. Jeez, haven’t they heard of abstinence?! There are also too many seedy men with coat hangers and I find it hard to sleep with the screaming. Otherwise, this nice white binder is highly recommended.

How strong is this binder?
I was wondering how many women can one of these binders hold? I got lots of women to place in binders and I’m on a budget. Hope I can get a good deal.

Women sold separately
When I purchased this binder, I was under the impression that it came full of women. I was sorely disappointed when I opened it to find it completely empty and devoid of women. Labeling needs to be clear that women are sold separately.

The Best Binder Any Sister Wife Could Ever Hope For
This is a great binder for every man with multiple wives. Whether you need a wife in the kitchen, doing the shopping, or rearing children, this binder will make sure to protect each sister wife in her proper place. Does one of them want birth control? No problem! This binder will also come with an order of aspirin to give her to put between her knees! I’ll even bet you $10,000 that this binder will not fly out of the airplane windows were they to open while you’re on a flight. As a woman, I highly recommended this safe, 5-point binder. If you want more details, get back to me after the election.

put up to 5 women right next to the recipes that come pre-loaded in binder
and the binder is certified contraceptive-free, safe to handle without gloves. Plastic has a lovely lilac smell, but that could be BPA, but the EPA cannot inspect due to religious exceptions.

holds my anti-Lilly Ledbetter bill petition quite nicely

Only way to get ahead
After much review I have concluded that the product would have furthered my career prospects beyond any skill sets and/or character values I posses. Employers prefer us to be neatly ordered at their fingertips. Ladies, if you want to get hired, we must be bound correctly!


  1. I just want to know how Avery marketing is going to react to this…
    This is even better than the reviews of the Ice recipe!

    On a serious note, I actually wasn’t offended by the remark – I took it as “a binder full of women’s resumes”. Granted, it turns out his statements on hiring women have very little to do with reality, but I’m surprised that of all the stupid things mittens has said, this one is causing such a furor…

    • Actually, I thought the same about the “binder” comment. But I was mad before he said that. I cannot stand when anyone specifically goes looking for a woman to place them in their company. Damn it, if I get the job, it is because I am the best qualified person for that job – not because I don’t have an extra pair of jewelry hanging between my legs.

  2. What cracks me up is the ‘binder’ remark had nothing to do with the question asked, which was about equal pay for, not hiring practices for women.
    Also, did anyone see the clip of cry-baby Ryan trying to straighten out his running mate’s goof?Oddly enough, he didn’t answer the question either, only defended Romney.Boy, the bullies really hate it when it comes back to them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No, did they actually say something about this? Ha! Thing is, most women were pissed off before he even said “binder.” But that was a great prop to use for making fun of this fuel.

      A lot of women I spoke with thought this same thing… when he first started that portion of his lies, he said there weren’t enough women so he wanted to go find some women to fill in position there.

      Most women do not want to feel like a freakin’ charity case. If I get a new job it is because I am the best qualified person for it. Not because I don’t have a dick hanging between my legs. (sorry for the vulgarity of that image, but it’s true)

      That’s what a lot of women are pissed about. That just made the “binder” a convenient prop for making fun of this fool.

      Oh, his comment about women having to go home to make dinner didn’t go over very well, either. It just goes to show that Romney hasn’t moved into the 21st century. Men go home and cook for their kids, for their wife, etc. There are a lot of single men who was to be home with their kids. But Romney still thinks in the dark ages which that is a woman’s part of life and responsibility.

  3. Yep, the binder provided a great visual prop. Now we find out that not only did Romney *not* address the question asked but, lied about the answer. He said he went looking for women’s groups to find qualified members for his cabinet. The truth is, both candidates were approached during the campaign for Governor by women’s groups to promote hiring women for the cabinet and gave them binders of resumes’.

    Romney is totally out of touch with women and how they handle the logistics of career, home and family. Probably cause he always expected dinner on the table when he got home and his wife never held an outside job (to the best of my knowledge).

    No I don’t mind the vulgarity, and I agree that most women don’t want charity or to get a job for any reason other than that they are qualified for it. I was building my career as a young woman in the 1970’s and came across an awful lot of sexism that was much worst than that.

  4. Oh yeah,just to name one. I got propositioned at an employment agency. The interviewer offered to forgo the standard test and give me a passing grade if I would ‘repay’ him. I told him I could pass the test on my own ,which I did and he could go F**k himself. BTW I got the job, which was an entree position to a higher one, which I also got.

    It’s strange to look back on that now and realize we were the front line. There was no precedent, no one to look to for help. We even had to fight to wear trousers at work, among other things. But we felt we had to seize the opportunity for ourselves and future generations.

    • Thank you and all the others for your efforts and standing your ground during that era. I was just a bit too young, but was definitely there in spirit. I watched my mother and father run their own business, and Mom was there every… single… day running the front office, the books, and anything else that she could.

    • I know. Amazing. I have (had?) a close male friend from dog agility class and trials. I know he’s been frustrated with Obama, but just found out he voted Romney. I seriously don’t want to talk to him for a while now. He just voted for the man that wants to take women back to earlier 20th century – among other things. Take away my Planned Parenthood… He could have voted Gary Johnson, I don’t care. Just not Romney. Seriously, I’m having a hard time with this. I was going to go watch him in a trial this morning, because his dog will probably earn her another title. But I found that out last night and I couldn’t go this morning. I just couldn’t. Just as well because I would have gone off at him.

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