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The Parting Shot for October 24, 2012

Somebody looks ticked off due to losing a pillow fight….

Photographer:  Unknown


      • It’s like a bad song stuck in your head that you have to sing out loud to make it stop. I figure if I post these it will go away!
        Do these feathers make me look fat?

        Today’s bird stalking lesson is camouflage.

        But mom, everyone is wearing feather vest these days.

        Now honey, why would you even suspect I’ve been seeing that penguin behind your back?

        So when they figured out I sold them plastic fish, they tarred and feathered me.

        What do you think of my Halloween costume?

        Never ever sneak up on and scare a flock of egrets!

        I may have been born in a seals body, but deep down in my heart I know I’m a penguin.

        You’re sure this will make that cute penguin notice me?

        I said put on a “gown” not “down”!

        You try babysitting a flock of adolescent geese!

        • OMG! Those are ALL hilarious!!! My face hurts from smiling so much, and stomach muscles cramped from laughing! It is so easy to visualize these. LOVE THEM!!! Thanks!!

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