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A Surprise Visit from Romney at the Dia de los Muertos Parade in Albuquerque

Today was our our local Dia de los Muertos y Marigold Parade in Albuquerque NM, aka “The Day of the Dead.” This was my second attendance, with last year having been my first.

As I learned last year, besides honoring those loved ones who have passed, some participants choose to make political statements. Just so they meet the rules of the parade which one is no one may participate in the parade if they are not either wearing make-up or a skull mask.

I asked a friend about the political statements since this event is about honoring the dead. He really did not know but provided a reasonable answer (if anyone knows, please comment). People are simply mourning the loss of humanity in our society and political system, as well as the gross injustices done to society as a whole. Corruption and greed kills in many different ways, and most of us are just trying to survive.

This year we got to see a celebrity… good ol’ Mitt Romney attended. Seems only appropriate since he holds so much hateful ignorance for a good majority of the people who sponsor and participate in this parade. All because of the box people check in the “Race or Ethnicity” portion on forms. As usual, you can see Romney’s typical flip-flop pattern in the comments they used in their signs. I took a few minutes to look them up after I got home, and they are all some of Mitt’s best.

I was originally going to go into my little pea-brained opinions on our immigration woes, but I think I’ll just leave this as it is now. The creativity as well as seeing a group of people openly showing their contempt for this asshole has made me grin from ear to ear for hours now. It’s not time for me to change out of this mood just yet and get all serious now.

In addition to the big skeletal Romney, Ryan, Obama and Biden joined in, too. Although I am a bit defensive about seeing Obama’s and Biden’s face included with Mitt and Ryan, I have to remind myself that some people just see the entire system as corrupt – and for the most part, they’re probably right. Although I do feel Obama is much different than those he has to work with – a modern day Abe Lincoln. Not perfect by a long shot, but I do believe he honestly cares about our country and the people within it – especially long before his own personal needs.

Click on any image to view in full size, which is pretty large. I did scale them down… down to 1920×1280. An image will fill your screen.

Now, is it Tuesday yet? I cannot wait for that day to end. Oh, speaking of Tuesday… in just chit-chatting with people around me, and the fact that some of our local Democratic politicians were in attendance, I came to realize that I was surrounded by a sea of blue voters. Many people voted just to vote for Obama then left; many voted out of hatred for Romney and, like myself, are terrified of him in office. Today made a body feel good that even though many people are not political junkies like myself, that they’re still paying enough attention to know good from bad – and what would happen if bad took over as president.

Tuesday is looking even better now.

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