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Obama Wins Second Term

All I want to say is thank goodness. It’s over. I don’t have to move to Canada now. Obama over Romney via Electoral College. Obama ahead in popular vote… but just barely. Numbers not yet final. All the news sites, major and independents, are all posting the results, so I’m not going to here. They’re not final anyway.

I’m also very happy to get Romney’s face off my TV and computer monitor. He’s been great blogging material, but he has wore out his welcome. Time to go back to regular news. I do wonder – and hope – if he’ll be audited for tax evasion….


Screenshot from Politico website taken at 1:13 AM EST


  1. Hell Yeah!!! The city (Chicago, my home town) was electrified last night. All you had to do was open a window to hear the cheers in the street when the final tally came in. The President, always a class act, gave a wonderful speech and I went to bed tired but happy.
    So glad the country proved it can overcome big money…and to Romney,nah nah nah nah hey hey hey….GOODBYE!

    • LMAO! Good song choice. So Chi-town was a-rockin’ huh. I’m sure it was. That’s awesome you could hear people screaming! Especially the size of that city. That was a lot of people screaming.

      • Thank you Michelle. It’s a big city but made up of neighborhoods who like to party ;->, mostly Democrat. As for my song choice, it was the one used by The White Sox, Obama’s favorite baseball team.

        • Ah yes. The White Sox. I’ve been there both to the old and new park. Been to Wrigley many times, and was at the 2nd night game – which was the first full night game as the 1st night game was rained out. I love Chicago! Miss it so much.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA. Michelle,you don’t need to migrate to Denmark (we would welcome you) now that Obama won.What a relief!

    • You’re not kidding. Thank goodness. Although, we still have a lot of problems here and our Republican Party is losing their mind and going back 50 years in time.

  3. Relief, yes for the moment! I still would like to see some reform to get all the money out of politics. Those superpacs did a real job on the system. And while we are at it…the election process is way too long! When it all gets dissected out…it will be interesting to see what part of the winning electorate were women.

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